How You Help Your Employees Help Themselves

As a business manager or owner, it’s always important to be supportive of all your employees. Whenever anyone has an issue or question, you should make sure they know that they can always reach out to you for help. 

However, there is also a need to establish a company culture of independence so that your employees are able to stand on their own two feet while they carry out their daily work. Once you do start to establish this sense of independence, you will find that your employees start to become a lot more proactive and motivated. 

So, how exactly do you encourage independence among your workers? One easy way to do that is to help them help themselves. Here’s how.

Get Them To Give Each Other Feedback 

Rather than critique all of your employees yourself, you should get them to give each other feedback. After all, they will work together more than they work with you so their co-workers will be able to give them a better insight of their strengths and weaknesses. These days, there are now lots of companies that offer their 360 degree feedback system experts to other businesses. When you hire one of these feedback coaches, they will work closely with all your employees to ensure everyone receives confidential and constructive feedback. 

Get Feedback From New Hires 

Lots of companies don’t bother getting feedback from their new hires because they believe they haven't’ been in the company long enough to get enough experience to base their feedback on. However, speaking to new hires about their experience of the onboarding process can help you shape the whole process, so it is even more beneficial to new hires. By shaping the whole onboarding process according to what new recruits thought about it, you will find that introducing new employees to the company will be a lot more smoothly when you go through future recruitment cycles.

Don’t Always Be In The Office 

It’s good to be in the office for the majority of the time so that your employees see the role you play in the company, and also so they can easily reach out to you whenever they feel the need to. However, you should spend a few days a month working elsewhere. This could include traveling to conferences or meetings around the country. By removing yourself from the office, you will find that it encourages your employees to help each other and follow their own common sense. Before long, they will be very independent individuals. 

Stop Micromanaging 

Are you or some of your managers known for being micromanagers? If so, you need to put a stop to that straight away! Micromanaging is very bad for employee independence as they will feel very smothered and won’t feel like they are able to make their own decisions. If you find it hard to break this habit, there are some great guides for letting go online

As you can see, it is very easy to encourage your employees to help themselves. And the benefits for your company are manifold!

I hope you enjoyed this article about ways to help your employees work autonomously and successfully without needing to be micromanaged.

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