Effective Ways To Rank High On Google Searches

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Google is probably your business’s best friend if you use the internet. The reason being that it’s the most likely way that a visitor will arrive at your website. Google is like the directory of the internet; being able to search for whatever you want and receive millions of hits is fantastic as a user, but as a company that wants to be noticed, it can be incredibly difficult trying to fight for a spot in the first few pages. 

However, Google isn’t random. It ranks websites based on how relevant they are to the user’s search, but the relevancy is calculated using a special algorithm that no one fully understands but Google themselves. This is what’s known in the industry as SEO, or search engine optimization. SEO is one of the main concepts that every online website uses in order to be ranked higher. There are many effective ways to do this, and below we’ve detailed some of the most practical methods. 

1. Update Your Website Regularly

Content is incredibly important to any website. In many ways, it defines a website’s worth. For instance, a news website that doesn’t publish regular updates isn’t going to be worth much. Similarly, a website that reviews video games but only covers old games isn’t going to get much attention from the general public. To receive more hits on your website, you need to keep your content updated on a regular basis. Google will recognize that you’re constantly improving your website, and they’ll have more of your website to index on their searches, resulting in higher relevancy and more exposure. 

2. Use Metadata Wisely

Metadata is extra information on your website that gives people a brief rundown of your website. This is the information that Google typically picks up and displays next to search results, so the more relevant this metadata is the more likely you’ll be ranked higher. There is title metadata, which is the line of text that appears at the top of your browser's window. There is description metadata, which should be a brief explanation of your website and is usually the text that is shown under search results. And finally, there is keyword metadata, a collection of words that is relevant to your website. You don’t want to overload the keyword metadata because some search engines and even browsers see it as spam and will ignore many of them. Keep it simply with under 10 keywords and phrases and don’t use repeated words. 

3. Original Content 

Google can tell when you’re writing original content with original ideas, as opposed to blatant stealing or copying of someone else’s work. The more original your content, the higher Google ranks it. Google cares about the quality of information it ranks, which is why it’s incredibly important to get on their good side with hand-written things. If you copy other works and claim they’re your own, Google will notice and potentially blacklist you or lower your rank as punishment for your plagiarism. Once you’re blacklisted, you’ll stop showing up on searches and perhaps even be banned from ever appearing again.

Go SEO Pro

There are plenty of effective ways to rank higher on Google searches and boost your organic traffic. With the right combination of content marketing, blogger outreach services, and on-page optimization you will  improving your SERP in no time!

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I hope you enjoyed this article about effective ways your company can rank higher on Google searches and gain increased organic page views.

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