Is Frugal Marketing Worth It?

Most of us would love to have a fully frugal company that doesn’t demand much from us in terms of money. Be it slightly older computers that still work fine or a collection of used furniture that no one wanted, being frugal in business feels fantastic because we know that more money is going back into the business as an investment. It’s important to grow your company as a debt-free company as well to ensure that your retain your frugality, but there is one facet of business ownership that might be the complete opposite: marketing. 

Can frugal marketing work? In some cases, absolutely. There are plenty of famous logos, such as the Coca-Cola one and the Twitter one that cost next to nothing, but there are also incredibly expensive logos such as the BP one that cost several million dollars to create. It pays to spend money when you’re marketing, even as a frugal person, so here are a couple of effective ways to get the most out of your money. 

Make The Most Of Social Media 

Speak to any marketing agency and they’ll likely help you set up a presence on social media. What this essentially means is that you’ll be exposed to an audience of millions. Social media platforms are usually free, such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, and they’re fantastic for setting up a digital presence because of how accessible they are. If you plan to market your business with a frugal method, then it’s advisable to spend at least a bit of money hiring an adviser or learning how social media works. 

Search engine optimization 

Known as SEO for short, this is a concept that is based on Google’s search engine intelligence. By using original content, avoiding copied writing and using the correct keywords, you can use search engine optimisation to push your Google rank a few places higher. This is done with a combination of exposing your website with metadata and advertising, but it can also be done by generally improving the website so that it loads faster, is friendly for mobile devices and has plenty of original content that is helpful and informative. SEO is typically quite expensive if you purchase the service, but it can be made cheaper if you understand how it works on your own. 

Utilize traditional marketing as well 

Let’s not forget that you can also use traditional marketing methods, such as printing and handing out fliers, or using the television and radio. Since the internet is so popular, traditional methods aren’t working as effective because they only reach a local population as opposed to an international one. However, they can still be incredibly effective if deployed in the correct area. 

So to answer the question: is frugal marketing worth it? It depends how far you’re willing to go. There are plenty of frugal methods such as figuring out SEO on your own or creating your own social media account to manage, but if you focus too much on these then you’ll start to lose your grip on your regular customers, hence why it’s preferable to hire someone to take care of those tasks. If you don’t have the money, there are plenty of ways to stay frugal, but if you do, it might be worth shelling out that money for home comforts.

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