How to Start a Business From Your Garage

how to start business from your garage

Many people come up with fabulous business ideas, and the bravest of those individuals venture forward with a startup turning that great idea into a profitable business. If you have decided to take the first step and start your own business, you understandably need to find a convenient and affordable place to serve as your base of business operations. 


Many entrepreneurs start their business at home in an effort to keep overhead down (myself included), but indoor space may not be available in your home. Using the garage is an excellent alternative idea for some entrepreneurs to consider, especially when bootstrapping their business. 

After all, some of the greatest entrepreneurs and business minds of our times such as Steve Jobs of Apple, his friend and co-founder Steve Wozniak, and Michael Dell all famously started industry-changing companies from their garages. If you are thinking about launching your business in your garage, walk through these steps to get the ball rolling. 

Organize Your Garage for Your Business Activities 

As a first step, venture into your garage to assess the space. You likely have some personal items already stored in this space, and you will need to relocate those items elsewhere to make room for your business. Ideally, your garage will be entirely used for business activities, and this can help you to keep your business space more organized. Some options include moving your personal items into a storage unit nearby or building a storage shed in your backyard. Or put them in your attic to increase workspace in your garages.

After your garage is clean and you have a blank canvas to work with, you can think about garage organization ideas. For example, you can build shelves and cabinets as needed to store your products, supplies and other items. You can also create a work area or desk. Think about climate control as well. Fans and heaters may need to be installed to improve the environment. 

Create a Business Plan 

While you definitely need a functional work space to launch your business successfully, you also need a well-thought out plan. Developing a business plan is a critical step. A business plan includes everything from marketing ideas and product development plans to financial projections and more. 

When well-designed, it should serve as your guide for all aspects of launching the business and running it for the first few years. It is wise to spend many long hours researching your market and developing a solid plan. When your "office" overhead is next to nothing (in addition to your rent) it takes a little stress off you when working out the details of your entrepreneurial endeavor. For many people it can be easier to work on what's important without the constant agonizing thoughts of cash burning.

Explore the Legal Aspects of Operating Your Business 

There may be some legal aspects to consider before you launch your business. For example, determine if you need to obtain a patent on your products or otherwise register or protect other rights that you have. You may also explore the benefits of setting up a corporation, LLC or other legal entity for your business. Talk to an attorney to obtain professional legal advice about these factors if they are relevant to your business. And while you're speaking with legal and financial professionals, keep in mind that you might be able to claim a tax deduction by using a significant portion of your house as a home office for business purposes.

Seek Funding 

All businesses will require at least some start-up capital. Because you are launching your business from the garage, your start-up costs may be minimized. You can also consider it saving on energy by going green in a small manageable space that you already budgeted for in terms of heating and electricity. However, you may still need additional funds for product development, marketing and various other things. 

Many entrepreneurs will contribute some of their personal funds into the business, but additional funds may be needed. Some possible sources that you can use include crowdfunding, angel investors, business loans and more. It is wise to obtain all financing you need to launch your business and to get you to the point of profitability before you get started with your venture. 

Launching a startup business can be one of the most stressful yet fulfilling things that you can do in your life. After you have developed a great business idea, you can get the process started by setting up your headquarters in your own garage. This is an excellent way to keep overhead down until your business becomes profitable. You can walk through these steps to successfully launch your garage-based startup.

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I hope you enjoyed this article about the benefits and factors involved in starting a business form your garage.

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