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Twitter, founded by current CEO Jack Dorsey, is one of the biggest social media networks with an estimated of 300+ million monthly active users. 

Nearly every user knows the basics of navigating their Twitter account but most don't know how to stand out from the competition and get real results. Because there are billions of tweets being sent out each week you can easily get lost in the shuffle and have your marketing efforts ignored. 

Check out these 7 smart suggestions which must be utilized by each and every social media marketer and digital marketing manager

1. Utilize Twitter Cards

Twitter Cards allow companies to present rich media to the users. There are 10 types of Twitter cards, each with a different and effective purpose. 

- The Product Cards allow you to sell directly from Twitter. 

- The Website Cards are used to drive the traffic to the site. 

- The Lead Generation cards help you in growing your email list
You can include an incentive such as special freebies in the card to attract the customers. Moreover, pin this tweet on the top of the Twitter profile. 

- The Summary cards let you include details, descriptions, thumbnail and attributions to the page. 

- The Summary Card with large image is similar to the summary card but features a prominent larger image. 

- The Photo Cards are to feature images. 

- Gallery Cards are similar to photo cards but allow uploading up to 4 images in 1 tweet. 

- The Player Cards permits you to play videos directly in your timeline. 

- The Audio Cards allow you to play music in your timeline. 

- The App Cards are used to drive traffic to the app. 

2. Schedule Tweets On Twitter Or Social Platform Manager

You don’t have to manually Tweet every time to take care of the business. Scheduling the tweets help you in saving a lot of time and boost overall marketing productivity. It allows you to plan your day, week or even months in advance. You can not only schedule your organic (regular) tweets but also the paid ones. You just have to log in to ads.twitter.com. Click on “Compose Tweet” and then go to “scheduling” tab. Moreover, to view those scheduled tweets, you can click on “Creatives”. Then “Tweets” and head over to “Scheduled” button. 

You could also opt for using the very popular HootSuite social platform manager to schedule tweets or the underrated and affordable SocialOomph to manage several aspects of your Twitter account. 

3. Tag Relevant Accounts In Images 

You are permitted to tag 10 people in a tweet image which can be helpful in a lot of ways. First off, it will save you from surpassing the 140 (now 280) character limit in the original tweet. Secondly, since the content of your tweet targets multiple people, it is a great way to notify them about your post. 

As we established earlier in this article, it's quite easy for your tweets to get lost in the shuffle so this is a good extra reminder for accounts of your choosing. It works great when you're posting a group picture, company email newsletter, or an article with multiple contributors. Overall it helps to drive awareness and engagement with your tweet and account in general. 

It could even be used to get the attention of high profile social influencers, as long as it's done appropriately.  

4. Optimize Your Twitter Profile 

There are plenty of personalized areas on your Twitter profile which need to be optimized. These areas include bio, header, profile photo, link color schemes, date of birth, website link, location. You need to ensure that you are easy to find by your targeted audience or those searching for you by keywords, hashtag, name, or company among other variables. Here are some tips to increase your brand visibility

- Have a unique bio which makes your account stand out
- Use your real name for tweeting & be eligible for Verified status 
- Set a high resolution profile picture which can be the brand logo. 
- Upload a header with images of your latest campaign. 
- Try to incorporate the key industry terms in your profile. 
- Create a customized header on a free image editing program.

5. Don’t Start Tweets w/ @Username 

If you start a tweet with @username then it essentially just becomes a reply to the mentioned person, and may not show up on your profile's tweet feed. Many people are still not aware of this common quirk on Twitter which is a bit of an unspoken rule. I remember they actually did away with this somewhat recently in an effort to make Twitter a little more user friendly for beginners... but that didn't seem to last long. Whether they get rid of this issue again in the near future or not, you'll still find hundreds of thousands of people putting a "." before @Username in their tweets. 

6. Use Free Twitter Analytics

Twitter provides free analytics for the last month to the twitter users. It helps you to analyze and tweak your content. It provides the analytics for last 28 days of tweets which include engagement rate, favorites, replies, link clicks and retweets. 

You just have to visit analytics.twitter.com. You can even choose a tweet to load its key metrics. The dawn of using Twitter Analytics over the past couple years has helped a great deal.

7. Unfollow The Dead Weight

Hopefully you are looking to remove bot Twitter followers instead of adding them like some Twitter users. By removing bot Twitter followers, it gives you a more accurate idea of your true reach and can even boost engagement levels. Unfollowing or removing fake Twitter followers is important to growing your own follower number and its quality. This will correlate to better marketing results for your business and less spam to deal with. 

Twitter has been cracking down A LOT over the past couple years. Last year Twitter purged tens of millions of bots and spammy accounts. This year they’ve done multiple smaller purges of millions more accounts. Unfortunately they don’t get them all and more are being created every day. Your best bet is to unfollow them as quickly as possible. 

Tweet Like A Champ

Already feeling like a more successful social media marketer? You just have to weave these tricks in your own marketing skills and gain the most advantage out of the Twitter platform. Twitter holds a lot of potential for establishing the relationship with customers, flourishing the business and increasing brand visibility. 

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I hope you enjoyed this article about Twitter tips + tricks that ever social media marketer needs to know for social selling success.

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