Tips To Amplify Your Digital Media Content

Once you have determined the focus of your brand and started to create a significant amount of high quality content, you'll realize how critical it is to be able to amplify your efforts. You need to build up an audience and awareness for the articles, blog posts, presentations, videos, email newsletters, and other digital media that you've created. You might have the best writing and videos in your industry but if nobody reads them it is a wasted effort. Here are some tips to boost your reach.

Partner Up

Work with friends, family, clients, former clients, associates, or anyone that has a website or social media presence to create a win-win alliance. Offer to assist them with their business efforts and online marketing in return for their help promoting your online brand. Partner with other bloggers or YouTube creators in the same or similar business niche as you. Choose your partners wisely and make sure they reflect positively on your brand but you'll need some business associates to help get you off the ground.  If you try and take on everything by yourself it will be more of an uphill battle. It can also help to submit guest blog posts or work with Help A Reporter Out aka HARO for additional publicity. 

Work With Established Brands

A great way to get your content out there is to do promotional media for established brands. You can earn revenue from these arrangements or just create blog posts or videos for the exposure that they can provide but either way it will get your name out there. Utilize their strong brand name and sizable audience to grow you own brand. Start off with smaller, more local, or younger brands if needed and develop a track record for successfully promoting companies and products.

Offline Networking

While the majority of  content amplification occurs online, you shouldn't discount face to face networking events, seminars, or speaking events. And because in-person networking is becoming more rare in the digital age, each meeting or event can actually become more significant and a way to separate you from the rest of the online entrepreneurial pack. There are usually free or trial meetings with your local Chamber of Commerce, BNI Group, after hours networking club, or dozens of other options. Attend some free seminars or offer to speak at events to share your expertise and make your presence known. 

Subscribe Lists

It's crucial from the beginning to start a subscriber list to your blog along with an email marketing list to make sure that visitors will continue to see your content. You want visitors to come back for new media you produce and these lists can become the lifeblood of your business. Your blog will have a widget or plugin for post subscriptions and you can use Mailchimp for free email marketing. Luckily YouTube and your social media pages all have easy "Subscribe" or Follow buttons that visitors will utilize to stay up to date with your company. 

Social Media

Social media is obviously one of the most important ways to amplify your digital content and that will be discussed in detail in the next section. I have plenty of great articles that deal with all aspects of social media marketing so start by reading my social media marketing guide for the basics and links to more platform-specific posts.

I hope you enjoyed this article on amplifying your digital media content to build up an initial network.

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