5 Ways To Personalize Your Business Website

Creating a winning website for your business can be a delicate balancing act. On one level, you want it to appear extremely professional, but on the other, you want to make sure there is adequate personal touch as well. Adding a personalized feel to your website will automatically increase customers' perception of your business because it will feel like you are speaking directly to them and addressing their needs. So how can you create this warm welcome? Read on to see five of the best ways to personalize your business's website. 

1. Have Custom Web Design 

If your website does not have a unique look and has the same design as many other websites out there, it won't stand out to visitors as much. It's even worse if your website looks like it hasn't been updated since 1999. Hiring a web development team to create a custom site is often your best bet. If you can, have your website's design reflect your brand in some way, either via color schemes, the use of your logo on every page, and the general theme of the site. For example, if you are a science fiction publisher, your business website could have an outer space, futuristic feel and address your visitors like they've just found themselves on a spaceship. 

2. Strike A Friendly, Personal Tone 

Customers tend to react better when spoken to, like there's a personal connection, rather than spoken at like a business trying to promote itself. Throughout your website, though especially on your main page, you want the text to come across as friendly and personal rather than distant and overly professional. For example, instead of saying, "Smith Manufacturing has been in business for twenty years and pride ourselves on solving our customers' problems," you could say, "We have been in business for twenty years and pride ourselves on solving your problems." Welcome visitors to your site and thank them for their business or support. 

3. Use Contact Forms 

Contact forms are not only an essential way to encourage customers to contact you for more information about a product or service, but they are also an ideal place where you can add further personalization to your website. Don't make these boring or generic either—ask for specific information that will best help you assist your customers. Your end goal should be to instill a sense of urgency to your visitors as to why they need to contact you today about the service you offer. 

4. Allow Users to Customize Your Site 

For example, you can allow visitors to change the layout or skin of the website to whatever suits their preference, or make searching easier by providing tools that easily allow them to narrow their search by price or features. Another cool and helpful way to do this is to provide different areas of your site and different content based on what the person visiting selects. For example, your landing page could ask visitors to identify whether they are an individual or a small business, with each link leading to content more personalized to each interest group. 

5. Utilize Your Blog 

Most businesses have their blog integrated into their website, and if yours does not, there are plenty of good reasons why you should, mostly having to do with SEO and content marketing. But your blog can also be utilized. A blog is a great place on your site to really strike a personal, conversational tone with visitors. For example, you can use the pronoun "you" rather than the word "customers," or even go all the way to first person and write with "I." This will make visitors feel as though they are reading the musings and advice of a real person and not just a faceless corporation. For added customization, make sure each business blog post displays the author's name, so customers can get to know your contributors. 

Personalizing your business website isn't a particularly daunting task—it only requires that you make some tweaks here and there in most cases, but these changes can make a big difference in your customers perception of you.

I hope you enjoyed this article about ways to personalize your company website and set it up for success. 

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