5 Great New Devices To Boost Your Small Business

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When you’re growing a small business, you can use all the help you can get. Whether your small business is office-based or home-based, investing in a few innovative devices can make everyday life a little easier. Here are five of the latest and greatest devices for small businesses. 

1. Mr. Coffee Smart Coffee Maker 

Mr. Coffee takes the idea of programmable coffee makers to the next level with the smart coffee maker that you can control with an app on your phone. That’s right—you can brew coffee with the touch of a button while you’re still cozy in bed. With the mobile app, you can set a weekly schedule, adjust brew times, and even set reminders so you’re never without a fresh cup and can start your at-home workday off right. 

2. Energous WattUp 

WattUp from Energous is an amazing business tool sure to be a game changer thanks to its wireless charging capabilities. And we aren’t talking the kind of wireless where it still has to be placed somewhere specific. This charging station can charge multiple devices within a 15-foot radius and even prioritize charging the devices with the lowest charge first. It’s also worth noting that WattUp doesn’t send power continuously. The transmitter only sends power when devices are within range and in need of charging. 

New Devices Small Business Technology Digital Tech Mobile Lean Startup Frugal Entrepreneur Bootstrap Business #SAS

3. Smartphone Credit Card Reader 

One of the best devices a small business owner (or employee) can invest in is a smartphone credit card reader, like those available from top payment processing devices and platforms. This can allow you to process payment on the go, which is indispensable for smaller businesses. It’s no bigger than a box of matches, it easily smartphones and you can also easily complete refunds with it. 

4. Energi Charging Station 

Small businesses with owners or employees who are on the road often can take advantage of the Energi charging stations that can charge as many as five devices at one time. The SmartDirect ports used in the charging station also charge faster than the standard wall chargers, so you’re ready to get up and go faster than before. This will also allow you to make sure your smart devices are charged on the road if you run into people who want to sign up or learn more about your business. 

5. Wireless Glass Keyboard 

Do you need a glass keyboard? Probably not. Does it look cool? Absolutely. One struggle small businesses face is looking more professional. While you might not need this gadget, it definitely has the “wow” factors your customers will appreciate when they come to your office. It’s compatible with iOS, Mac OS X, Android, and Windows devices, connects via Bluetooth, and can be charged with a USB cable. 

Double Up On Devices

Always remember to consider what your business needs to stay up to date with top technology. While all these gadgets have a lot of offer, they’ll only be of real value to the small business that will make good use of them.

I hope you enjoyed this article about some great devices that can help your company grow and top new technology to try today!

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