Don Draper Quotes

Don Draper quotes

Whether you loved him or hated him, Don Draper was an unforgettable character and business icon in the award-winning drama Mad Men. As an alpha male advertising professional played by Jon Hamm, his character was all business and no BS. You could say that he's symbolic of the harsh realities in the business world, and his attitude is often similar to that of a Gordon Gekko or the ever practical Kevin O'Leary

Get back to reality with some of his simple advice from Mad Men's Don Draper: 

1)  "I have a life, and it only goes in one direction... forward."

2)  "You want some respect? Go out and get it for yourself."

3)  "Is that what you want? Or is that what people expect of you?"

4)  "In my heart I know we can't be defeated, because there is an answer that will open the door."

Don Draper Mad Men Business Quotes Advertising Mike Schiemer Michael J. Schiemer

5)  "If you don't like what's being said, change the conversation."

6)  "I'm living like there's no tomorrow because there isn't one."

7)  "You're good. Get better. And stop asking for things."

8)  "I don't believe in fate. You make your own opportunities." 

Thanks Don Draper for the memorable business quotes!

Don Draper Mad Men Quote

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I hope you enjoyed these great Don Draper business quotes from Mad Men! Now get back to work and quit asking for things!

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Don Draper Mad Men Business Quotes Advertising Mike Schiemer Michael J. Schiemer

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