Technology: Widening or Bridging The Intellectual Gap? The Writing Is On The Wall... I Mean Timeline

technology widening or bridging intellectual gap

This is a subject that I have been thinking of quite often lately. With all the new smartphones, better computers, voice activation programs, and social media... technology is accelerating as rapidly as peoples' laziness. While many intelligent individuals do utilize this new technology to become even smarter and more productive, others use it so they don't have to learn. 

Why learn good grammar and spelling if your computer has spell-check and your phones / Twitter / instant messenger have abbreviated languages of their own. Why learn to spell correctly when you can get spell check or auto-correct for anything close enough. 

Why get up and talk to someone when you can send them a tweet in a micro-second? On the flip side, I've seen ultra-intelligent individuals use this new technology to educate themselves even faster, in more areas, and increase profit margins.

So in today's ultra-fast ADHD society there is no more time for proper use of the English language, among many other things. Now everyone gets to sound like Paris Hilton, in 140 characters or less per message. People peruse the headline or the first few sentences of an article, and consider it read. Now this is just something to think about, and clearly I use all of this technology and media myself (although I honestly admit it has killed some of my brain cells and damaged some of my writing abilities). 

I'm not saying I don't ever use this, or that we should all stop, but just to keep it in mind. While this is clearly the direction that society is going and technology needs to be embraced, it is important to remember to stay educated and stay motivated. Don't let yourself be "dumbed down" by the rest of society.

Now We Can All Sound Like a Lady Gaga Tweet! Or a Donald Trump tweet for that matter...

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Published By Michael J. Schiemer
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