HootSuite Social Media Marketing Certification Notes Guide: Part 2

HootSuite Social Media Marketing Certification course notes answer guide

Hootsuite Certification Guide 2 OF 2 

Hootsuite is one of the biggest social media marketing management programs out there and they have a great online marketing certification course. While it's not free like the HubSpot Academy Inbound Marketing Certification (HootSuite's certification costs $200), it's great content to study and a nice certification to have. Here are my notes for the HootSuite Social Media Marketing Certification course along with links to my relevant articles on these topics. Social Media Marketing is my specialty after all! And if you don't think my express guide notes are helpful, in half the time allotted (on my first attempt) I scored a 97% to get certified!

Hootsuite SMART Goals:


Development State:


Online Community Growth and Management

-Bringing like-minded people together, nurture community, support a close bond with members. 

-Define philosophy aligned with social media and business goals

-Creatively engage, events, and monitor for feedback & social media influencers

-Develop a strategy to take online community offline if applicable

-Enjoy insights, self-monitoring, user-generated content, sales leads, positive discussion and testimonials

-Principle of reciprocity- More value you provide, more ROI

Hootsuite Engagement Categories:
1) Discussions around shared content
2) Customer support queries
3) Addressing positive and negative sentiments
4) Proactive Engagement

-Positive Testimonials
-New Brand Advocates
-User-Generated Content

Content Curation vs Content Creation

Curation: Aggregation, Distillation, Elevation, Chronology
Creation: Quality vs Quantity and ability to repurpose. 

Social Media Advertising:
- Message, Targeting, Desired Results, Measure Outcome
- Ads have a narrow scope and drive only 1 action (usually)
- Research your customer through surveys and inquiries
- Analyze budget and acquisition cost of customers
- Develop ad copy variations and test results

Facebook Ad Campaigns:
1) Campaign Types
2) Ad Sets- Budget, Scheduling, Targeting, Bidding, Ad Placement
3) Individual Ad Variations

a) Cost Per Click  
b) Cost Per Impression  
c) Optimized Cost Per Impression

Use Facebook Ad Pixel on your website to track conversions

Lookalike Audience- shares characteristics with source audience and more likely to behave similarly

Twitter Ads- 
Engagement, Community Growth, or Conversion
Consider Time Frame, Creative, Targeting, and Budget
Create Website Tags / Twitter Cards for conversion campaigns
Target 10-25 Usernames to reach right size audience

LinkedIn Ads- B2B, Recruiting, CPC or CPM Ad Options

Social Media Ads Metrics:
Cost Per Action- Direct Revenue Based ROI or Lead Based ROI
Analyze Data by Platform and overall Aggregate

Make sure to use top business tools like Hootsuite! 

HootSuite Social Media Marketing Certification Guide Notes

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I hope you enjoyed Part 2 of my Hootsuite University social media marketing certification guide notes to get certified.

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