Welcome to Boostrap Business by Michael J Schiemer. Make sure to get my new eBook:

Welcome to Boostrap Business by Michael J Schiemer. Make sure to get my new eBook:
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Global Economic Recession? Or Simply A State of Mind?

I'm getting pretty sick of the "doom and gloom" economic discussion/debate/panic that has been consuming our nation and the world for the past 8 years, more specifically this past year. People are acting like this is the end of the world as we know it and that there is no hope for anyone. I personally think that is a complete load of shit. I drive around rich and poor towns everyday and see an infrastructure that has not changed one bit and, aside from a few store fronts for sale, a thriving economy. There are a myriad of scientific and technological advances occurring everyday all around the world. Does that sound like a stagnant or recessive society to you? I also see a lot of the individuals that are bitching about the lack of opportunity for economic success going out to collect unemployment and welfare when they are perfectly able to work. These same individuals are going out to the bars every night and spending our taxpayer money instead of investing it their future.

Let's get one thing straight. There are plenty of jobs out there. Are they all the perfect jobs for you and 6 figure salaries? Absolutely not. But guess what, sometimes you need to suck it up and get a less than ideal job instead of being a leach on society. Put in extra time and effort or pick up a second job and work your way up in your field or income bracket. If you don't like what is out there, then get off your butt and start something yourself. Hard work, education (whether its formal or self education), and dedication still reap rewards these days just as they always have and always will in our capitalistic society. Everyone faces obstacles and roadblocks but you can't give up because of them. Just like everything else, your economic status is all in the way you perceive it and what you make out of. History is full of many great entrepreneurs that thrived even during times of political upheaval, war, and economic depression. 

Be a part of the solution! Stop wasting time and get to work. I know you can do it!