How To Maximize Your CNC Router's Creative Power

maximize cnc router creative power

Watching a CNC machine operate, which stands for Computer Numerical Control, is dazzling to behold! Seeing automated equipment like a CNC router cut materials way more precisely and efficiently than a human ever could is sure to impress anybody. 

However, even it is the most efficient machine on Earth, it needs to be suited to your specific task and goals, or you will spend a lot of money on something that fails to deliver. Here are a few considerations to keep in mind to help maximize your CNC router’s creative power. 

What Is The CNC Router To Be Used For? 

The first question to answer is, what are you using the CNC router for? Many diverse industries rely on CNC routers to make parts for musical instruments, furniture, medical devices, or electronics. Even the aerospace industry uses them, too. 

CNC routers produce precise standardized parts with quality control managed by ISO 9001: 2015 AS9100D standards. The aerospace sector needs precise oversized parts, while people in other sectors may need parts or prototypes that are just as precise but on a much smaller scale. 

Many artists working in relatively small studios use CNC routers to create parts for things that don’t exist yet because they are busy in the process of inventing them. Select the CNC router sized to the appropriate scale, and ensure it works with the right materials. 

CNC routers are excellent at cutting wood, stone, plastics, and metal, but not every machine can handle every material or cut them at the same speed. If you only need a machine to cut high-density foam, you don’t need to pay for one that can handle denser materials. 

3 Axes Or 5? 

Most CNC routers cut along 3 axes: X, Y, and Z. The X-axis is front to back, Y is left to right, and X is up and down. There are different kinds of CNC routers with 5 axes, though. The Trunnion style CNC router has an A-axis that pivots around the X-axis and a C-axis that rotates around the Z-axis. The table that the parts are on can flip up and down according to the computer coordinates. 

Swivel rotate style machines have a B-axis rotating around the Y-axis and also have a C-axis rotating around the Z-axis. These machines can handle heavier parts because the table is always horizontal, unlike the Trunnion style. 

Both machines make very complicated parts. A 5-axis CNC router is probably overkill if you make simple parts. 


Some CNC routers are more compatible with upgrades than others. The specifications you need today may change tomorrow

Look for a machine that can potentially work with higher-grade equipment if you think that may be necessary down the road. At least be mindful that the possibility exists. 

CNC Conclusion

Using a CNC machine greatly reduces the time it takes to create uniform parts with incredible precision. Whether you are a multinational company or an artist working in a private studio, getting the right CNC machine will unlock your creativity.

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