3 Tips For Branding Your Business

tips for business branding

As an entrepreneur, you must know that branding is critical for standing out amongst the competition and ultimately making a lasting impression. Yet, as much as you might think that your brand is simply a logo or the color of your font, a brand encompasses so much more than that. A brand is the overall personality and identity of your business that connects with customers on a personal level. 

Before you think branding your business isn't as simple as snapping your fingers— think again. It will take a careful strategic process to carefully build a brand that resonates with your target audience. Here are some of the best tips for branding yourself and setting your business apart from the masses. 

Define Yourself 

Before you even bother diving into the visual aspect of branding your business, it is important that you define who you are. What kind of value can your business offer that your competitors can't? This is known as a unique value proposition, (UVP) and what advertising experts consider the very foundation of your brand. 

Perhaps your selling point is exceptional customer service. Maybe you are committed to  sustainable business practices. The idea is to identify what makes you unique and how to pitch that to your target audience. This will be the starting point for shaping your brand. 

Dive Into Visual Identity 

Once you have defined how you plan on being unique, it is time to dive into your visual identity. Your visual identity will play a critical role in how your brand is perceived. From your colors, to your font, you want to convey a distinctive and cohesive visual identity that your target audience will recognize. 

Make sure that this visual identity is consistent across all of your marketing platforms.  From your social media accounts, to your business cards, your visuals should be the same.  Remember, your visuals should evoke the kind of feeling that you want your business to. Certain colors and fonts stand out more than others, and clutter is almost never a good idea. Keep it simple and clean, and you can't go wrong. 

Put Together A “Brand Story” 

Each brand should come along with a story of how it came to be. When you can provide a compelling brand story, you humanize your business which  makes you more relatable. 

Customers want to know who you are as a business and why you do what you do. The more well crafted you can make the narrative of your brand story, the more people will connect with it and feel inclined to become a customer. When telling your story, be as authentic as possible, as this will breed customer loyalty. The idea is not only to connect with, but inspire your customers.

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