4 Signs Of Equipment Malfunction

signs of equipment malfunction

Regardless of your industry, chances are you rely on some sort of equipment every day. Whether it is a computer or a transformer, certain equipment is crucial for keeping up with your business's efficiency. In the event that your equipment does break down, it could not only lead to costly time lost, but it can even be dangerous depending on what kind of equipment it is. That is why recognizing the telltale signs of malfunction is critical so that you can intervene quickly and make changes where needed. Here are some of the most obvious signs that your equipment requires maintenance. 

Strange Noises 

One of the most obvious signs that your equipment is encountering a problem is a strange noise. In some cases, this may be a fan blowing louder than usual or even a squeaking noise. These sounds can vary depending on what kind of equipment it is— however, any sort of noise outside of the ordinary should raise concern. 

Usually, this indicates worn-out parts, or even misalignments which could be extremely dangerous. Always make sure you take action immediately if there is a strange noise rather than letting it persist. In some cases, your life could literally depend on it. 


If you have ever driven a car before, you know that if it starts vibrating more than usual while driving, it's probably a sign to pull over. The same goes for other equipment. Irregular vibrations usually signify an issue. In most cases, extra vibrating is due to simple wear and tear, and in many cases can be solved by simply replacing a part. When in doubt, schedule a maintenance appointment to determine the cause. 

Shutting Down Unexpectedly 

If your equipment has power fluctuations and suddenly shuts down out of nowhere, then this is a concern. This is usually a big red flag in terms of malfunction. Usually, you can see signs leading up to this, like slowed-down performance or lower power than usual. It is important that you regularly monitor the performance of your equipment since its power will usually decrease gradually. Don't let it get to the point where it shuts down completely and draws your production to a grinding halt. 

Smoke And Odors 

In extreme cases, you may start to notice smoke emerging from your equipment. Unusual smoke emanating from equipment is a very clear sign of a problem. If the smoke is also accompanied by a strong odor, this is probably a sign of overheating and could lead to severe damage and possibly an explosion. 

Stop production immediately and investigate the problem further. Continuing to work on equipment that is smoking is extremely dangerous. This is why it is incredibly important to have backup equipment on hand so that if you do need to stop your equipment, you have a backup ready to go.

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