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polygon api project implementation


Let's start with a question that worries many adherents of the crypto sector: which blockchain system is better - Ethereum or Polygon? Ethereum supporters will immediately note that it was the Ethereum ecosystem that became the battering ram that made the first breach in the crypto fortress, giving users such tools as smart contracts, ICO, DeFi, DeX, and many other things. 

Without disputing the above facts, supporters of the Polygon ecosystem will rightly point out the weaknesses of Ethereum and emphasize that it is the Polygon ecosystem that is able to solve many of the problems inherent in the Ethereum platform. 

So, a short summary of the battle "Ethereum vs. Polygon" will be the following statement. Ethereum is a secure blockchain platform with a high degree of reliability, but at the same time, high transaction costs. Polygon is an affordable blockchain platform with low-cost, and at the same time, high- speed transactions. 

And if you work with the Polygon platform, on the service page you will use the polygon api tool that will help you implement your projects. 

Features Of Polygon 

Of course, speaking of the confrontation between the Ethereum and Polygon ecosystems, we complicated the situation a bit. The Polygon project, which at its creation was called Matik, initially had the task of getting away from the problems of Ethereum scaling. To that moment two approaches to solving this problem had known. These are the Layer 2 approach and the Sidechains approach. Polygon did not use any of them individually. Instead, an ecosystem was being formed that makes it possible to use any tools aimed at solving the scaling problem. This includes both a sidechain solution with various consensus mechanisms, and the Layer 2 solution - Plasma, Optimistic, Rollups, etc. 

Polygon's capabilities also make it possible to consider it as a kind of platform that creates the conditions for any new projects that offer their solutions to improve scaling. So, it becomes obvious that the Polygon platform blockchain project is aimed at future innovations, as it involves not only many different solutions to the scaling problem, but also a change in its architecture. The goal of the new Polygon architecture is to simplify the links between all the various technologies that are either already integrated or can be integrated into Polygon. 

With all the attention to future new opportunities and projects of Polygon we should not forget that this blockchain platform is still focused on its predecessor, the Ethereum ecosystem, which is a kind of unifying center. There are several reasons for this. This is a well-established close-knit community of developers and users, and a very popular programming language, and the use of the EVM as the most famous virtual machine. Well, the most important advantage of Ethereum is that for a long time the same basic blockchain has been used that processes trillions of dollars. This blockchain took a significant amount of time to develop, and replicating it with a new blockchain is a very, very difficult task. 

Expanding Functionality Of Polygon 

Well, no one has any doubts that today the Polygon has opened new horizons for Ethereum users. But the functionality of the Polygon itself can also be improved. Any user wants to be in a secure, high- speed and high-quality network with almost instantaneous response. The Polygon Api service fully covers all of the above user needs. At the same time, the range of applications of recently appeared interfaces - REST and RPC - is also expanding. 

However, no instant and highly efficient transaction in the Polygon network is possible without an appropriate and reliable infrastructure. And almost any user and developer knows what is a serious difficulty for him. This is the manual setup and further maintenance of the blockchain infrastructure. Well, our service readily takes care of that by guaranteeing a fully functional infrastructure and up-to-date, constantly updated, configuration-managed software.

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