Web Scraping And Available Data For Businesses

web scraping available data for businesses

The modern internet and information technologies push data storage and capabilities of data transmission tools beyond human comprehension. Even for businesses and other competitive environments, the publicly available information today can feel overwhelming. Yet, the proper utilization of every bit leads to well-informed and incredibly accurate decisions that help micromanage every aspect of business in the right way and stay above the competition. 

With the amount of free data that can improve a company's products, services, or overall management at unprecedented highs, one must wonder: is there a limit to publicly available information? Also, with most markets dependent on a constant influx of fresh and relevant data, how do businesses manage, maintain, and analyze new information, avoid oversaturation, and keep getting away with concentrated yet incredibly valuable knowledge? 

Today, businesses have so many sources to choose from. Even if we narrow down information collection tasks and focus on competitor analysis, we still have a few main options: testing the appearances of other businesses in search engine queries for SEO, collecting data about competitors from their social media accounts and appearance of ads, or utilizing the direct approach and extracting information from the main website. 

Even looking at all of this information about yourself and your company offers valuable insight into how your online presence looks to an objective observer. While there technically can be too much data even for automated collection and processing, businesses need to lean onto the most recent relevant data and market trends and avoid an overwhelming pile-up of information. 

In this article, we describe the value of public data for modern businesses, what solutions can be implemented to benefit all parties, and why web scrapers remain useful, if not essential, in certain markets where a constant influx of relevant data is necessary to keep the whole operation running successfully. Nowadays, you can invest in a complex web scraping API to simplify the hands-on approach to data collection but automate and accelerate the extraction of knowledge with a simple product that fuses aggregation and analysis with tools for identity protection. To learn more about web scraping API, check out Smartproxy — an industry-leading proxy provider with powerful but affordable solutions for modern businesses. Keep reading to learn more about markets that depend on web scraping the most. 

Open Data Levels The Playing Field 

In the past, the progress among the most successful businesses was much slower than right now because giant companies were often owned by soft rivals, if not secret partners, with cartel agreements that transformed markets into oligarchies. With the rise of the internet and information technologies, new bright minds kept receiving access to valuable public data that provided education, ideas, and platforms for their successful implementation. 

With no resource bottlenecks for advertisement and research, the emergence of modern businesses leveled out the playing field, where the term “rich get richer” got severely reduced in its significance. Now everyone has access to relevant public information, and the party that outsmarts its competitors and stays ahead of the curve with automated data collection and analysis solutions will appear first in google search engines, offer better pricing than other businesses, and will traverse through the competitive business environment with far fewer predictions and much more certainty. 

Investment Opportunities For Business-Minded People 

Forget about companies: with web scraping, business-minded individuals can exercise investment opportunities and proper use of web scraping APIs, plus other tools that feed them relevant information for stock, forex, cryptocurrency trading, or changes in travel ticket and real estate pricing. 

Even for simple products like video game consoles or limited edition shoes, web scraping API can help you discover sudden drops in prices and the best offers for reselling in the future. With web scraping, your investment opportunities are only restricted by imagination. Data collection tools can play a very direct or more supporting role in providing assistance for your company in individual endeavors. 

Reaching The Most Relevant Information 

Web scraping is also essential for instances where data is available but hard to gain. This may happen because of geo-restrictions or strict limitations on competitor websites. In worst cases, your access to their pages may be restricted or lead to a decoy if a rival business already knows about your attempts to extract their information. 

With web scraping APIs that come equipped with a proxy server fleet with millions of residential addresses, you can have sufficient protection to use one or multiple instances of data scraping bots to access the websites of competitors to extract and thoroughly parse the HTML code. If competitors try to prevent access to the page with strict rate limiting, you can swap into a different identity and continue extracting data. 


In summary, there is no hard ceiling for available market data. With the right solutions, you can focus on the most relevant information and continue collecting it without exposing your real network identity. Web scraping APIs and proxy servers are irreplaceable partners for data extraction tasks.

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