Top 10 Benefits Of Explainer Video For B2B Business

benefits of explainer videos b2b business

The B2B buying process is long and complex, meaning your sales team needs all the help they can get. Giving more information to leads at every stage of the process increases your chances of closing deals faster and more efficiently. 

As technology advances, it levels the playing field on which businesses compete. The competition necessitates changing how businesses market and sell their products. Explainer videos are one method businesses can leverage to reach a wider audience and explain their product in an engaging and visually appealing way. 

If you are still wondering why explainer videos are compelling for B2B businesses and what they entail, keep reading to find out. 

What Are B2B Explainer Videos? 

An explainer video is a precise marketing tool that summarizes your company’s brand and products. It is an approachable way to share information that is not accessible through traditional brochures or websites. 

Explainer videos are short videos (usually between 30 and 60 seconds) with a clear message, visual benefits, and a call to action that explains your business in a fun way. Popular among explainer videos is a meet and greet feature, company, and product overview. 

B2B explainer videos provide insights about who you are, your offerings, and company values or ethical practices. 

Top 10 Benefits Of Explainer Videos For B2B Businesses 

1. Brand Identity 

Brand identity refers to the set of associations and expectations that customers have about a brand and the product or service it offers. The identity includes visuals, language, tone, and culture - all unique to each brand. Brand identity helps define your company’s reputation in the marketplace and is a powerful tool that can influence purchasing decisions. 

An explainer video can help customers understand what your brand is all about. High-quality visuals like animation or motion graphics can help you create a strong brand identity. Visually appealing branding is also an effective way to attract attention, create positive associations with your brand and increase brand recognition. 

2. Audience Loyalty 

Loyalty is the emotional attachment that customers feel toward a brand. It is the result of consistent customer experiences that encourage brand advocacy and word-of-mouth marketing. An explainer video can help you increase your customers' loyalty by clearly communicating your product's benefits. 

When you showcase the features that solve your customers’ problems and answer their questions about your product, they will be more likely to buy from you and recommend your brand to their friends and colleagues. Through explainer videos, you create strong loyalty. 

3. Keeps Audience Engaged 

Video marketing is a powerful tool that can increase engagement. An explainer video is a great way to keep leads engaged because it gives them more information about your product or service. It is an easy way to answer questions, address concerns, and better understand your product's benefits. 

Leads engaged with your explainer video are more likely to buy from you. They are also more likely to share their experience with your company, thus attracting more engagement. 

4. Improves Search Rankings 

An explainer video is an excellent tool for B2B businesses to improve search engine ranking. It is an approachable, visual, and fun way to share information about your products or services with search engines. 

Leads interested in buying your product will likely search for content that highlights the benefits of a product, which an explainer video does. The better you rank in the search results, the more clicks you will get and the more sales you will make. 

5. Explainer Videos Are Shareable 

Social media is one of the best ways to reach and engage new customers. An explainer video is a great asset to share on social media because it is a short, visual, and fun piece of content. 

Short videos are the best type of content for social media. An explainer video provides shareable content that can help you reach new leads through social media. Your audience will understand your message and identify better with your brand. The more your video gets shared on social media, the more leads and sales you get. 

6. Explainer Videos Are Easy To Understand 

The B2B buying process is complex for potential customers. Using visuals and a friendly tone is a great way to answer your leads’ questions about your product or service. 

With an explainer video, you can share information in a more relatable way than using a brochure or a white paper. Such explanations make your product easy to understand and nudge your customers toward the direction of your goals. 

7. It Can Be An Addition To Email Marketing 

An explainer video is an excellent addition to your email marketing campaign. It is a creative way to deliver your marketing message. An explainer enhances your ability to provide more information about your business and answer your customer’s questions in a short and fun format. 

These videos provide a way to address your leads effectively. For greater impact, explainer videos can be personalized. Doing this helps create a good rapport with your leads, communicates the value you see in them, and helps push them further in your sales funnel. 

8. Explainer Videos Are Versatile 

You can use the videos for your general audience or personalize them for a specific person or group. 

You can also repurpose or cut down explainer videos to further your marketing agenda. The versatility helps you reach your business goals while saving time and money. 

9. Marketing Through Storytelling 

An explainer video provides a great way to market your product or service through storytelling. Storytelling is a more personal and practical information-sharing approach than traditional marketing methods. 

Explainer videos convey your message in a way that helps your leads identify your company’s expertise in addressing their pain points. It is a more human approach to marketing than print and telephone calls. 

10. Variety Of Animation Styles And Genres 

From animated to motion graphics, screencast, and live-action, explainer videos give you various choices when creating content for your B2B business. Animated explainer videos are the go-to for most B2B businesses. They provide a visually compelling way to communicate with your customers. 

On the other hand, a live-action video provides a unique opportunity to combine purposeful genres and styles. For instance, you can combine thoughtful storytelling with live-action shots and a well-crafted b-roll to paint a picture of your brand and products. 

Final Thoughts On B2B Explainer Videos

An explainer video is a short, visual marketing video that explains what your company does and why potential customers should buy from you. It is an approachable and relatable way to share information about your product or service, making it the perfect tool for B2B companies that want to stand out from the competition. 

As highlighted above, explainer videos have multiple advantages for any business. With proper planning, leveraging these attention-grabbing videos will help you take your business venture to the next level and enjoy a massive return on your investment.

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