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Keys have evolved in their elements, and it sure looks like they will continue to do so. Keys are used for a variety of things. Whether it is to secure your locker, your cabinet, car, office space, or house, there is hardly anything with a lock that doesn't have a key. While there may be combination locks that require no car keys, you will find others with key locks as well. 

However, our focus today is on car keys. Perhaps the reason you are here is a lost car key. Well, losing a car key and not having a spare means you have to get a replacement as soon as possible. But since most cars now come with electronic keys, that replacement can't work unless it is programmed. This is where a car key programmer comes into the picture. 

A car key programmer is a device used by a locksmith to program car keys. This means you need a locksmith, and a professional one at that, to program your car keys. If you are in Pittsburgh, PA, then you need a car locksmith service provider like Edwards Bros Locksmith for this service. 

Expert Car Key Programmer In Pittsburgh, PA 

It is common, traditional, or simply logical to call on your car dealership when you have a need for a new key. It will come to you as the normal thing to do (it is the normal thing to do) since you got your car from them. However, if there is a fault in your car's engine or a dent in your chassis, you would either visit the car mechanic or the auto body technician. You wouldn't go to the car dealership for that, as they are not responsible for any damage outside of your car warranty. 

It is no longer news that one can visit a car locksmith if they require assistance with their car key. This means that you can also call upon a locksmith Pittsburgh, PA when you need a car key programmer. Edward Bros Locksmith is present in this city and offers expert car key programmer services. Therefore, if you have misplaced your key and would like a replacement, we can help you out. We also have the means to program your transponder key. 

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Programming A Car Key Manually 

While you can contact EB Locksmith for the services of a car key programmer, you can also do it yourself without locksmiths. However, doing it yourself means your car has to be one that permits it. So, you would want to go through your car manual to see if it is PTAS 1 enabled. If it is not, then your keys can only be programmed automatically. 

If it does allow for manual programming, you simply need your original key and the new key. Steps for this procedure may vary from car to car, so do consult with your car manual to program a new key by yourself. If you are somehow having trouble with that, then you can call for the services of our car key programmer. Our locksmith near me experts can program any key, no matter what car you have. A simple call to us would get a technician to you. 

Affordable Auto Key Services 

Perhaps you have gone to your car dealer for key replacement and programming. And well, maybe it cost you more than you expected. It is expected that it will be more expensive to go to your car dealership. But it doesn't have to be the case this time. Our services are a better option for you because they are more affordable and, of course, they serve the same quality. So, do call us now for locksmith work!

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