6 Ways Construction Management Apps Help

how construction management apps boost jobsite performance

Jobsite performance analysis is challenging when it comes to a construction project. But using a construction management app efficiently can simplify the whole process. These apps offer multiple features to improve your jobsite performance and the best ones are listed here

Market research shows that the size of the construction management app market is projected to reach $28 billion by 2030 at a CAGR of 8.5%. This is huge for the construction industry! 

If you want to improve the jobsite performance, this post discusses how construction management apps can help you. 

6 Ways To Boost Jobsite Performance Using Construction Management Apps 

You must invest in the right technology to boost the jobsite performance during a construction project. Here are six ways to benefit from a quality construction management app: 

1. Easy Scheduling 

You can schedule different activities easily using a construction management app efficiently. You already know there are multiple tasks in a construction project, including: 

Planning - Making a plan for completing a project in the given resources. 

Resource Management - Efficiently managing resources without exceeding the budget and time. 

Task Allocation - Evenly distributing responsibilities to each project team. 

The construction management apps are user-friendly. But you must organize a session to train your employees and equip them with the best management tool. 

The team leads and members should collaborate on a single channel to schedule the relevant activities of their departments. 

Some features like “drag and drop” make scheduling easier because users can quickly submit entries and make changes without much effort. 

2. Better Communication 

Using a construction management app ensures each employee is on the same page. It also bridges the gap between the senior management and the lower management. With such transparent communication, the company will have fewer internal conflicts. 

Miscommunication leads to project failure because teams stop working together without proper communication. Even though an experienced manager supervises them, their performance will never match the standard because of a lack of communication. 

The management apps also allow you to share documents with the team. That means now you have a centralized document-sharing platform as well. These documents include: 

Blueprints - Detailed engineering drawings and other complex structures. 

Wireframes - Construction project diagrams displaying each process. 

Legal Documents - Contracts, bills, agreements, and transactions. You can hide access to important documents, which can affect the confidentiality of the project. Also, some apps allow you to share media content like images, videos, and audio files. 

3. Organized workflow 

A construction company suffers when its team lacks coordination. Not sharing a common platform creates mismanagement in the workflow. That is why the construction management apps allow all the employees to work together on the project. 

Regardless of working in different departments, a management app keeps a record of all the activities. Since construction projects have lengthy deadlines, it’s important to track the progress of each department. 

Also, you can find loopholes in the workflow using the management app. You already know that even the smallest issue might lead to a bigger problem, especially in the construction industry. Therefore, using the management app can help you find those bugs. 

Once you find them, you can take the required action and make the workflow seamless. 

4. Better Equipment Management 

Construction companies utilize a plethora of resources which includes modern machinery. These resources are necessary to achieve all project milestones efficiently. 

However, you might negatively affect the project budget and schedule if you don’t properly manage these resources. The construction management apps provide you with easy resource utilization. That way, you can efficiently manage the equipment and productivity. 

These apps allow you to manage costs like: 

Logistics - The department which deals with transporting and managing other complex tasks. 

Warehouse - Cost of storing heavy machinery and equipment. 

Maintenance - Fuel, recharge, and other costs to maintain equipment in proper condition. 

Repair - Cost to repair machinery if it malfunctions. 

The construction management app also measures the performance of the equipment. For example, you will get an alert if a machine is working under severe load or stress. Then, you can quickly take action and save the machine from damage. 

You can also integrate the management app with the electronic system of modern equipment. That way, you will control the machine without being around it every time. 

5. Employee Performance Measurement 

It is important to measure the performance of your employees during the project. But if you choose to do it in the traditional way, you might have to hire an additional human resource manager. 

The construction management apps give a feature to measure employee performance. It is fully customizable, meaning you can define indicators independently. 

For example: 

Work Efficiency - You can use the individual employee performance feature to measure their efficiency. 

Milestone Defects - Highlight defects in a milestone and discuss them with the respective team. 

Collaboration - Give attention to those employees who don’t collaborate. 

Feedback - Allow every employee to give feedback and keep it confidential. 

Most employees might not like their performance being measured. But performance measurement collectively defines the company’s performance. 

Also, you must communicate with your teams to ensure the project’s quality and the company’s growth. Measuring performance using the right app and metrics can disclose the weakness in a department. Thus, you can improve that lagging and save your company from a bigger loss. 

6. Quick Feedback 

A construction management app also gives you a platform to get employee feedback. They can submit their concerns anytime they want. Additionally, if your team member has an urgent query, they can contact you via the app. 

You can decide to keep complete transparency in the feedback system or hide users’ identities. Moreover, you should allow your employees to drop feedback regularly since it is an important factor for the company’s sustainability. 

You might never take a step towards employees’ improvement if they don’t give honest feedback. That will not only cost the project but the overall company’s reputation. 

Construction Conclusion 

Construction management apps give a centralized communication system. You can communicate and share documents with project stakeholders using the apps. Also, they can track employee and project performance and enable feedback for improvement. 

Some construction management apps are free, but their additional features need a subscription. Therefore, invest in the best management app for the next construction project and execute all activities seamlessly.

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