Things You Should Know About Oil Rigs And Truck Accidents

oil rig incidents trucking accidents

Some of the most dangerous jobs involve operating heavy machinery, and oil rigs and trucks fit that description. Accidents involving trucks occur more than half a million times yearly in the United States. 

The Deepwater Horizon drilling explosion that happened in April 2010 is an excellent example of just how dangerous these lines of work are. These accidents lead to catastrophic outcomes and cost families, companies, and insurance providers millions of dollars in lost income and reimbursements. 

The Last Oil Rig Accident Occurred In 2010 

The historical Deepwater Horizon explosion that took over all the media streams globally occurred more than a decade ago. While this is good news, it still doesn’t negate that thousands of families are still nursing physical and emotional wounds. 

Drowsy Driving Contributes To Over 300,000 Crashes Annually 

When sleepy crew members are allowed to operate machinery, it becomes a cause for public concern. When these crew members cause road accidents, they not only lead to their fatalities but affect other pedestrians and motorists on the streets. 

Data from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety shows that between 1999 and 2008, 17 percent of fatal crashes involved a drowsy driver. The same study also suggests that from a representative sample of 14,268 crashes analyzed between 2009 and 2013, 21 percent involved a drowsy driver, leading to a fatality. That number is probably even higher in 2022 due to recent events and health issues.

Oil Tanker Trucks Cause The Most Fatal Accidents 

Tanker trucks ferry flammable goods such as gas and oil. This means when they are involved in an accident, two things will happen; a spill and an explosion. When these tankers roll over or are involved in a collision, these volatile fumes will fuel the fire, causing an explosion that can send shrapnel and flames flying every which way. Other victims of this type of accident will be intoxicated by the fumes, causing respiratory problems and affecting their way of life. 

The Oil Rig Industry Has One Of The Highest Number Of Reported Injuries For Any Occupation 

Working for an oil rig company puts you at risk of sustaining 349 types of severe injuries. The most common injury suffered by oil rig workers is amputation, followed by fractures. Most injuries result from getting your hands and legs stuck between machine parts. 

Other common injuries include head and spinal cord trauma, head injuries, lower back injuries, hearing loss, and burns from electrocution or exposure to toxic chemicals. 

Most Fatal Truck Accidents In The United States Occur On Major Roads 

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, at least 51 percent of deaths caused by a collision involving a commercial truck occur on a major road that is not an interstate or a freeway. 

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