Is It Best To Repair Or Replace A Garage Door Opener?

repair vs replace garage door opener

Ten to fifteen years after purchasing a garage door opener, it becomes unreliable. The less expensive option may be to repair your garage door opener. Nevertheless, you should replace your opener when it is time for cost-saving reasons. 

Repairing Your Opener At The Right Time 

New Garage Door Opener That Malfunctions 

After an inspection, a professional should be able to repair a malfunctioning garage door opener. A garage door opener can be repaired fairly easily if parts come loose or wires are disconnected. In some cases, tightening the opener's belt or chain may be all you need to make it run more smoothly if its operation is louder than usual. 

Warranty Protection 

You are covered under a warranty if something goes wrong with your purchase over a certain period of time. However, it is important to keep in mind that warranties do not cover malfunctioning opener parts under normal operating conditions. User error and tampering are not covered by warranties. Make sure that you confirm whether you are still covered by the manufacturer's warranty on your garage door opener. The company that originally installed your garage door opener may also be able to provide more information for you. When an opener is not installed by the company that provided the warranty, there are some companies that will refuse to honor the warranty. 

You Shouldn't Spend More Than $300 On The Repair 

It is important to make sure it is the best option for you in the long run, even if it does save you some money in the short term. Generally, repairing an opener for $150-$300 is worth the money, whereas anything that requires more than that will likely need to be replaced. 

Among the repairs that can be done are replacements of keypads, remotes, or wall control panels, as well as repairs of safety eyes and logic boards that are malfunctioning. 

repairing vs replacing garage door openers

Replace Your Opener When It Is Time 

Over A Decade Old And Frequently Used 

Garages are often the central point of entry for many homes. After school, the children come through the garage to get home. The dog walks through the garage as you leave. When the garage opener fails, you won't be able to access it. You may want to replace your garage door opener if it is old and you use it frequently. 

Repairs Exceeding $300 

Putting over $300 into a repair if it is going to require replacement eventually is a waste of money. In the event that the repair will cost you a considerable amount, replacing it is the most cost-effective option. The most important thing you will gain from this is a sense of security, and you will definitely save some money in the long run because your opener will not break the next morning. You would have to spend over $300 to combine all of the above repairs, so in that case, you would be better off simply replacing your opener. 

Incorrect Installation 

It is dangerous for people and their belongings to use a garage door opener that is not properly installed. Red flags of a poorly installed garage opener occur when the door is uneven, rough to operate, wired sloppily, parts are reused, anchor points are uneven, and rails are crooked. 

Added Features 

As garage door openers become more sophisticated and advanced, they become more and more advanced and feature more and more safety and convenience features. There are several upgrades you can make to your garage doors and opener: 

● Quiet garage door 
● Improved safety features 
● Connect to your home 
● Updated security options 
● Always be prepared 

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