5 Unusual Ways To Make Money Online

unusual ways make money online

While everyone would love to make some extra income on the side, our personal lives and having fun usually take precedence over an extra fifty bucks a month. Many don’t know that you can make way more than that - and that you can do it in unique and interesting ways. 

These aren’t your regular desk jobs or survey-filling gigs; these are five unusual ways to make money online!  

1. Selling Feet Pics 

Let’s start with something a bit less out there and a bit more familiar - feet pics. Here’s a fun stat - around a fifth of all straight men are into feet. That means that, as long as you have half a dozen male friends, you most likely know someone with a foot fetish! 

People with foot fetishes are usually willing to pay a pretty penny for pictures of feet - dirty or clean, in their birthday suit or in tights, whatever your feet look like, there is more than likely someone looking to buy what you are selling. 

You can get started selling feet pics without any investment besides the small membership fees marketplaces - including our recommendation, Kinkie - charge. If you price your pictures at five dollars per pop, usually selling one or two will cover the subscription, and the rest is pure profit! 

2. Fiverr Amateur Acting 

You might ask yourself, “what’s so unusual about acting?” Well, this isn’t any old acting gig - it’s much stranger. 

While professional actors often find work in movies, shows, video games, or commercials, amateurs have been turning to Fiverr for a while now. But as anyone who’s used the site will tell you, breaking through the crowd is pretty tough - that is, unless you have your own unique twist. 

People are dressing up like Jesus to say happy birthday, reading out anything you want in the style of 1950s announcers, and much, much more. 

Another interesting fact is that people aren’t always looking for the best of the best - it’s often funnier when someone does a voice poorly than if they get it perfect. If your party trick is doing a goofy voice that kind of sounds like Shrek, you might just make a killing on Fiverr. 

3. Selling Hair 

Is your hair getting a tad long? Are you considering cutting down those back-length ginger locks into a radical pixie cut? If that is the case (or it might be sometime soon), then selling your hair is the way to go! 

“Who’s buying hair?” I hear you ask - wig makers, those looking for real hair to braid into their own, those getting extensions that want a natural look, and all other sorts of folks! 

You might think that hair is probably not worth much since it grows so quickly, and we throw it away when we get haircuts like it is just trash. That is a common misconception - healthy, long, and undyed (i.e., virgin) hair sells for upwards of $300! 

You can get started on a site like BuyandSellHair with relative ease. Most people recommend only cutting your hair after you have got a confirmed sale, as the longer your hair sits around after being cut, the less it’s worth! 

4. Selling Dirty Panties 

Stop, don’t turn on the washing machine - you’re going to want to hear this! While you might only smell your underwear to check if it’s clean after finding it on your floor during spring cleaning, many people will do it much more often - and get off on it too. 

The answer to why is pretty simple, as scientists claim it is mostly a matter of pheromones. People buy used underwear from strangers online because it arouses them, and they use it to have some fun - if you catch our drift. 

You can sell a pair of well-loved undies for anywhere between fifteen and fifty dollars, and if you’re willing to get a bit more extreme with getting them nice and dirty, doing custom orders can easily net you even more than that. 

Signing up on a site like Kinkie only costs a few bucks, and you’ll certainly get a buyer, especially if you set your price on the lower end of what we mentioned earlier. Grab a fresh pair of underwear and plan out a gym day or just dig up a pair of used thongs - your wallet will thank you! 

5. Mukbanging 

No, it has nothing to do with the other kind of “banging” - get your mind out of the gutter! Mukbanging is the practice of buying large amounts of food (usually fast food or other visually pleasing meals) and chowing down in front of a camera. 

You can mukbang on both live streaming sites like Twitch and video sites like Youtube. Those on Twitch usually make their money from subscriptions or donations - for them, mukbanging is about socializing with their fans just as much as it is about the food. 

Youtube mukbangers usually bring in cash from ads or sponsorships - mostly from fast food companies, but sometimes from companies simply wishing to be mentioned at the beginning or end of a video. 

If you are a foodie (or just someone who loves to munch), being a mukbanger is as simple as setting up a camera, firing up your favorite streaming or recording software, and getting down to business (to defeat the yums)! 


There are certainly lots of wacky ways to make money online that didn’t make the cut, but we hope our picks inspired you to try out an unusual side hustle or come up with your own alternative to what we’ve laid out here. 

We hope you make it fun whichever money-making scheme you pick - if you like your (preferably weird) job, you won’t work a day in your life!

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