Why File Sharing Software Beats Other Solutions Every Time

why file sharing software beats other solutions share documents

If you work in a sector where sharing large files is just part and parcel of everyday life, then you are also likely working on implementing a new file sharing software solution. If you’re not, and are instead relying on a second-rate solution such as sending files over email, or through a simple cloud-computing platform, then you need to see why proper file sharing software systems are the better solution. 

Let’s say in the course of a day you are receiving large photo files in huge quantities from one of your departments. You know that only the full-size original images will do, but they’re too big for email, too big for IM, and need to be moved between staff members in different offices across different cities around the world. What will you do? Here’s why you should be looking at a proper digital asset sharing solution: 

1. File Sharing Software Improves Visibility 

The best kinds of file sharing software allow for relevant stakeholders who are receiving it to preview it first. The ability to preview is known as greater visibility, and it plays a huge role in cutting down the number of mistakes that are made within the creative process. Remember that time is money to these people, and mistakes lengthen lead times, which increases costs. 

The most common mistake that it prevents is being able to verify that the file being sent is even the correct one. Can you imagine spending an hour or two sending over drafts of 3D digital files for the development of a new video game, only to then suddenly discover after the fact that the files that were sent were the wrong ones. It would be back to square one, and perhaps 2 hours wasted. 

2. Digital Asset Management Software Helps Eliminate Timeouts 

Another frustrating problem solved by this kind of file sharing software is that it stops timeouts from occurring during the transfer of larger files. When we send tiny files, stickers, Gifs, and whatnot, they appear instantly because they’re so small that it seemingly takes no time to transfer. However, try to send a file more than 300GB in size across that same connection and it ends up timing out because of a broken route, or perhaps a firewall coming into play. 

This once again another great potential time-waster as you start sending files, leave them to send while you go and do something else, only to come back and discover nothing has been sent because the connection timed out. A dedicated digital asset ecosystem won’t make those timeouts and will allow large files all the time they need to transfer safely and completely. 

3. They Can Be Better Customised For Your Needs 

Another great advantage of a professional file sharing solution is that it can be tailored to suit your exact business and team needs. It can come designed with your company branding, and can become a system particular to your company that you train staff to use. Features can be added and removed according to your exact needs, allowing you to trim the fat and create a more streamlined system that really works for you. 

4. They Are More Secure 

We mentioned above that some companies might have turned already to cloud computing services, including mainstream options like Google Drive. These solutions work quite well for many, but if you’re in a creative industry where there’s a lot of key data to protect, and where you might be targeted by even hostile international elements, you need sharing channels that are encrypted properly end to end, and will keep your data safer than the mainstream options. A complete secure data transfer solution will improve enterprise peace of mind and overall business climate.

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