How To File A Car Vandalism Insurance Claim

how to file car vandalism insurance claim canada vehicle vandalized

In Canada, car insurance is mandatory for all drivers and there are legal consequences you may face if you do not have a policy and you are caught operating a vehicle. The essence of insurance is to protect you and your car from any loss or damage to your vehicle, yourself, the passengers or any third-party car or person involved in a traffic accident with your car. This will all depend on the level and type of insurance coverage you purchase and the province you are in. 

There are other events and risks that some car insurance policies also cover, one of them being car vandalism. 

In this article, you will get an explanation of what vehicle vandalism is and how to file a car vandalism insurance claim. 

If you are currently shopping for quotes for car insurance in Nova Scotia, be sure to reach out to a reputable insurance broker. 

What Is Car Vandalism 

Vehicle vandalism is the intentional defacing, damage or destruction of a vehicle in a way that diminishes the car and its value. 

Examples of a vandalism act include keying a vehicle, broken window, side mirror or windshield, and slashed tires. It is regarded as a crime and perpetrators may face jail time or fines. There are insurance claims that cover these kinds of occurrences in Canada. Ensure you chat with your insurance broker about this type of policy, especially if you live in an environment where the probability of a vehicle being vandalized is high. 

Types Of Car Vandalism 

● Broken Windows And Lights 

This type of vandalism — as the name implies — affects your windows, windshield, side mirrors, headlights and other lights around the car. When this happens, you need a replacement for whatever part was vandalized. This is why you need an insurance cover to take care of the financial demands of replacing your car windows and lights. 

● Slashed Or Stolen Tires 

Tires are a crucial aspect of a vehicle because they are what ensures a smooth ride on the road. When one of your vehicle’s tires are slashed or punctured with a sharp object or stolen entirely is considered vehicle vandalism. Car insurance vandalism protection ensures that you are covered financially if this happens. 

● Body Defacement Or Damage 

This can take different forms from spray painting a car, using sharp objects to write on or deface a car, or a dent. Some of them are minor but in most cases you will need a major facelift if the defacement is significant. 

These are some forms of car vandalism that can occur and it is important that you report this and make a car vandalism insurance claim as soon as possible. But for this to be successful, your car must be covered under such a policy. For most of the provinces in Canada, a car vandalism insurance policy does not fall under the mandatory insurance policy, it is a policy you must purchase separately. Vandalism is mostly covered if you purchase a comprehensive insurance policy. 

Why Should You Have Car Vandalism Insurance Coverage In Canada? 

The advantage of having car vandalism is quite obvious but the usual argument against it is that it is highly unlikely to happen and considering the fact that it will raise your insurance cost, it is a good gamble to leave it out of your insurance policy. 

The thing is, you never know when this kind of thing might happen. Yes, you may live in a safe neighbuorhood, what about when you go out to a strange place? All in all, it is about knowing your neighborhood and also all the areas you commute to. How safer are they? Have there been reports of car theft or vandalism in that area? How frequent is it? 

These are some of the crucial questions you should consider asking yourself before deciding against having car vandalism insurance coverage in Canada. 

How To File A Car Vandalism Insurance Claim In Canada 

If there has been damage to your car that did not occur while driving or damage caused by another driver while on the road or parked, then it is most likely a vandalism issue. As defined above, car vandalism is the intentional defacement and destruction of a car. When this happens here are the steps to take to make a car insurance vandalism claim. 

Report To The Local Police 

This is the default action that you must take to make the case official. Contact your local police department to make a vandalism report. Ensure that you write down the police report number because you will need it when filing your insurance claim. 

Report Your Claim To Your Car Insurance Company 

The next step to take is for you to report your insurance claim to your insurance company. Most companies have an online platform where you can make the report. You can decide to also call indirectly to make your report. The customer representative will direct you on the next step to take in this regard. If it is a straightforward process, depending on your insurance provider, you will most likely be directed to the company's approved auto shop for repairs. 

Get An Estimate Of The Damage 

This is a step you should take before going to your insurance company’s recommended auto shop for repairs. The estimator examines the damage to your car and prepares an estimate which you will take to the repair facility. This process may vary a little depending on the insurance company. 

Assignment Of An Adjuster 

The insurance company will then attach an insurance officer to look after your claim and keep you updated. The adjuster sometimes also has to come inspect the car physically to confirm the damages you have filed. 

Pay Your Deductible 

Depending on the insurance company, you may be required to pay a deductible to the auto shop. A deductible is an amount you have to pay for the repairs of your car before the insurance company pays for the rest. This fee may vary based on the vandalism and policy coverage you have. The job of the insurance officer/adjuster is to educate you on all of these processes.

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