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Are you about to decorate your new home? Have you already picked an interior style? From contemporary to coastal, traditional to modern, the selection of designs is indeed extensive. 

While some homeowners opt for a particular style, others decide to combine elements of several concepts to create the ideal residence look. There is a myriad of custom home builders and designers in Vancouver, such as VictorEric custom homes, uniting the exterior and interior look of houses. 

Have a look at the detailed breakdown of interior styles to consider for your new residence. 


Minimalist design has gradually become the favourite concept of most homeowners in Vancouver. While it’s often confused with discomfort and coldness, this style features simplicity, clear elegance, and functionality. Rooms aren’t supposed to be cluttered with objects, whereas fabrics should have no prints. All décor items need to serve a dual purpose. 

Moreover, the minimalist interior design relies on a simplistic approach by filling the space with the barest essentials. It’s based on modern design but gets simplified even further. Colours are neutral, while furnishings are streamlined. There’s nothing excessive in terms of décor and colours. The main principle of minimalism is functionality, accompanied by ultra-clean lines. 


Although often used interchangeably with the modern decorating style, the contemporary interior design stands on its own. It’s both of the moment yet timeless at the same time. This style is serene and calming, with a special focus placed on architectural elements and decorative details. It shares the simplicity of minimalism and achieves balance by incorporating clean lines. Find out more about the difference between modern and contemporary design. 

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Some of the architectural elements used in the contemporary style include classic wooden floors, exposed brick walls, metal, clear glass, simple rugs and carpets, etc. As far as colours are concerned, home designers in Vancouver use neutrals in combination with black, white, and gray. On the other end of the spectrum, modern design started in the 20th century. It’s sleek, doesn’t include plenty of clutter, and uses clean lines. 


Another interior style used by home designers in Vancouver is the traditional design. It features classic details and numerous accessories. Designers can assist homeowners in selecting pieces that represent their lifestyle and personality, such as a Persian rug, chandeliers, sophisticated vases, etc. 

Traditional homes are decorated with dark wood, rich colours, various textures, curved lines, etc. The chosen furnishings are abundant in elaborate details. Home designers choose fabrics like silk, velvet, and brocade with various textures and patterns. The following link,, explains everything you need to know about traditional design. 

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Another type of home design recommended by interior designers is the transitional style, which borrows elements from both traditional and modern decorating styles. The combination of these styles creates a balance that’s surprisingly appealing. It features modern materials like glass and steel united with plush furnishings. 

Traditional furnishings are mixed with modern elements to keep rooms from looking too much like one of the styles. Transitional design is of great assistance when trying to blend interior styles, such as after getting married. It provides more freedom and uniqueness. 

Shabby Chic 

The shabby chic design was massively popular in the mid-eighties and nineties, but it’s still used in custom homes today. The roots of this style come from the antique French design, meaning such homes are vintage-inspired. Shabby chic houses and apartments feature vintage furniture, plenty of white and floral prints, and natural textures. 

Furthermore, shabby chic is the perfect balance between country and rustic décor, but it doesn’t focus on a particular decade or century. It stimulates homeowners to create a mixture of vintage-looking furniture pieces. This delicate feminine style will make your rooms look aesthetically pleasing. 

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Vancouver homeowners interested in bringing charming beach vibes into their homes are recommended to consider the coastal décor. Such décor has a relaxing and carefree effect by incorporating sea-related elements. It’s no wonder this design is beach-inspired, placing the focus on natural light, natural textures, beach-related motifs, and a soft colour palette. 

Home designers in Vancouver help individuals choose from different themes or combine elements from multiple themes to create the ideal décor. For instance, tropical island coastal décor includes palm and palm patterns, as well as tropical themes like flamingoes and pineapples. In contrast, the Mediterranean coastal design incorporates Spanish, Italian, and Greek shores. 

Many homeowners prefer the costal décor due to the calmness and serenity it brings to their homes. It provides you with an opportunity to welcome nature inside your house and enjoy beach-house vibes. Home designers will advise you to use white, beige, or pale blue as your primary colour. Light blue, blue, and aquamarine are great choices for secondary colours. Yellow and red shades are introduced to add an accent. 


Even though the Scandinavian style appeared around the 1950s, it has gained incredible popularity in recent times. This movement is devoted to simplicity and functionalism while under the influence of one’s connection to nature. It combines natural elements and shapes, along with using natural materials like hemp, wood, and leather. Click here for a comprehensive guide to Scandinavian interior design. 

Since Scandinavian climates are known to be extremely cold, it’s unsurprising that the carpets are made of sheepskin or wool. Warm textiles are the best way to make living rooms warm and cozy. Wooden elements are commonly used, not just in flooring but in fixtures and furniture as well. Nevertheless, the most recent trend is for wooden elements to be combined with metallic finishes. 

Adding plants and fresh flowers is a must in Scandinavian décor. Indoor plants and floral elements add beauty and colour elements to the décor. The colour palette related to this style consists of white, brown, gray, and black shades. Light hardwood flooring is used to make any space look more spacious and lighter. 

A Final Note On Home Design

Your interior style is an expression of your personality and lifestyle. It's something you will see every day, so it should make you happy.

Choose wisely when customizing the style of your house! Take it seriously and make a plan.

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