Best Stair Types For Your Home: Pick A Suitable Style

best stair types for home top house staircase style

A staircase is an integral part of your home because you will use it frequently. For this reason, you have to focus on its design, durability and material during a remodeling or construction project. Different types of staircases are available; therefore, you have numerous choices to increase the visual appeal of your home. 

If you want to install a new staircase, it is essential to concentrate on your comfort and physical health. In this way, you can make the best choice. It will be good to consider professional staircase design and installation services to avoid a wrong choice. Here are some famous designs for your assistance. 

Straight Stairs 

It is the most common and affordable style to build. You can install the vertical part of a staircase in home stores. A straight-line design eliminates the need of special support. These will be attached straight from top to bottom. With this design, it will be easy for you to install handrails and railings. 

Nowadays, it is easy to change the classic look with metal cable railings, modern material and open risers. These staircases are typical in homes. If you have sufficient linear space, you can consider this design. 

Central Landing With Straight Staircase 

A middle landing is useful to break up a lengthy expanse of staircases. You will need a long stair for a high-ceilinged, tall room, such as 12 feet high or even more. In this situation, a middle landing is suitable. Moreover, if your risers are more than 16, you can break up the length with a central landing. This style is famous in commercial buildings. 

U-Shaped Staircase 

This staircase has two stair flights in the opposite direction, with one landing at their switchback. As compared to straight staircases, these are visually interesting. Furthermore, these require limited linear space; therefore, you can choose a corner. 

L-Shaped Staircase 

It is another common staircase with a turn in the middle or closer to an end. This staircase looks appealing and takes up limited space. You can install it in the corner of your room. Some people find them easy to navigate because a wide landing breaks up the main flight of stairways. 

Spiral Stairs 

These stairs are compact but challenging to navigate. If you have a tight space, you can consider a spiral staircase. They spiral elegantly upward through available space above the floor. The use of these stairs is common in compact dwellings and beach houses. 

Winder Staircase 

These stairs get a beautiful wedge shape at their turn. Winder stairs look similar to L-shaped staircases, but these do not have any landing. In modern homes, these are not common. You can find them frequently in old residence. Feel free to use them as the front, main stairs. 

Circular Staircase 

It is similar to traditional stairs with tapered steps. Circular stairs have a relaxed curve as compared to spiral and easy to climb. Their curves are less compact and more graceful to create a focal point. These stairs need more space and money to build.

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