What Is CAFM And How Can It Help Your Business?

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With the passing years, the business world has experienced many changes. The major change came after the invention of computers. The invention came out to be fruitful for the companies & industries making them increase their productivity rate, sales and expand their wings globally. 

Facility management was one of the many industries that implemented new technologies. The growth was boosted tremendously due to the appearance of computers which were the latest technology at that time. Today also, computer technologies are getting up-to-the-date helping businesses make a statement. Computer-aided facility management (CAFM) was one of the technologies that has helped businesses to achieve their goals. And, from the time pandemic hit us all it is the CAFM that has been helping businesses to optimize the use of infrastructure and assets and at the end of the day helping businesses achieve an improved ROI. 

We all know that 2020 was the year the global Coronavirus impacted businesses. But, every loss hitting the business world does not mean there is a lack of knowledge. That year CAFM had a market size growth of up to $2,689 million. It’s expected that in 2022 or 2023 it will reach up to $5,500 million. 

Taking the data into account, it might become the most used tool for the management of assets. 

The above was a bit about the role of CAFM in the business world. How this facility-aided technology is helping businesses to strive in the business world. Going ahead, in the article we will give you a glimpse of the CAFM thoroughly. 

What Is CAFM? 

CAFM’s role has become more complex over the past decade. The reason is simple: the benefits this technology holds for businesses. Now, let’s take a look at daily business life and shed some light on the job of managers. We often look at managers as people optimizing efficiencies in a proper procedure & keeping an eye on the maintenance of operations across various departments in a company. Even the safety & health in the organization falls under their jobs responsibilities. They are also responsible for overseeing the organization's safety and health protocols. All these responsibilities make them experience huge pressure when it comes to fulfilling their tasks effectively and efficiently. That is the moment where CAFM comes out to be an assistant for them and makes everything easier for the managers. 

In simple terms, we can look at CAFM as software facilitating facility management. This cutting edge technology helps to operate smoothly. All the assets of the managers get easily maintained with the help of CAFM. The tracking of the compliance, inspection and procedural work in a systematic manner to facilitate any facility is done. 

The coordination amongst the stakeholders & the business operations is done with the help of CAFM. The benefits do not have their boundaries and can be integrated into the various platforms like engineering, business administration, architecture, behavioural science and other business sectors. Overall, CAFM can be looked at as a successful software after the accurate deployment for availing the benefits by the business owners. 

How Can CAFM Help Your Business? 

When jumping into the business world, the need for management of various aspects like arranging proper workflow is the necessity, as well as finance analysis and reporting for the stakeholders. All three need to be fulfilled to meet the criterias. 

Now, let’s discuss the benefits of CAFM revolutionizing the business world. 

1. Maintenance Optimization 

The realistic inputs get easily managed by using CAFM software. The software gives the staff the opportunity to identify & optimize the maintenance of various assets & equipment. CAFM’s ability to schedule the maintenance and take measures of prevention helps businesses increase productivity & efficiency. From the cost perspective, a reduction in the costs of the assets is seen as equipment downtime starts decreasing. 

2. Cost Efficiency 

Following from the previous point, one of the core benefits of CAFM software is making the business cost-efficient. The system allows the staff to get an insight into the business's finances like expenditure tracking, maintaining the finances, processing required approvals, and reporting of costs, to name a few. When a single system allows you to perform all these tasks and features like approving and denying any spending with a smart device app, it becomes a cost-effective system. In addition, the mobile and web-based applications that come with CAFM software often allow the user to engage in simplified communication with the others on the platform. 

3. Managing The Assets 

CAFM makes the management of various assets in a single place. With the help of cloud- based solutions, operations become easy. Using this software gives one the opportunity to predefine metrics to get a complete understanding of how assets work. Businesses get insights in real-time while monitoring the assets, recording documents and assessing the documents at any hour and on any day. Even the facility managers get to assess a 3D model of the assets. 

4. Streamlining Work Order Management 

The facility manager and the staff get to experience the benefits of cloud-based features easily, as there is an opportunity to track the data in real-time. The scheduling & maintenance of the assets and sites becomes easy. The in-built cloud-based features give liberty to develop the flow of the work. As streamlining of work orders becomes easy the managers can prioritize the tasks to meet the tightest deadlines. 

5. Managing Supply Information 

Communication amongst the vendors becomes easy with CAFM. Further, it helps to achieve proper optimization. The distribution of rate, documentation, monitoring contracts & vendors becomes easy. The overall productivity rate and the working culture gets improved. Hence, the digital maintenance of the system enables the facility management to offer a better service to their clients. 

CAFM Conclusion 

Will you consider implementing tailor-made CAFM software for managing the business facilities while availing the benefits? Reach out to us to make your work less tedious and make the business successful meeting all the required parameters of earning a profit this year.

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