5 Tips To Expand Your Company's Digital Footprint

tips expand company digital footprint

Businesses today are living in technologically advanced age. Because of this, many companies have started transitioning their businesses online, thereby leaving digital footprints everywhere on the world wide web. By definition, a company’s digital footprint refers to the traces of information about the online activities a company leaves online. It can be activities that involve business transactions, social media platform engagements, or any type of content shared on different websites. 

To keep up with today’s manner in business, your company needs to expand its digital footprint. It’s also a must to ensure that these impressions are always positive to improve your business’s reach and reputation. Surely, you don’t want to get negative feedback about your business. 

Lucky for you, this digital age has also paved the way for easy methods to follow when you want to expand your company’s digital footprint. Here's how to expand your business' digital presence: 

1. Create A Professional Website 

At present, there is no better way to establish an online identity than to have a professionally-designed website. If a store transitions from being a physical store to an online store, then the layout should specifically be designed for e-commerce.  An unprofessional-looking website will leave your customers under the impression that you are not competent as a business. 

In addition, a poorly-designed website can lead to higher bounce rates. It won’t only affect the users’ expectations of your business but also, your chances of generating income. 

So, don’t overlook this. Let the experts like smartboost do their thing. When your website stands out, your digital footprint expands and becomes more positive as well. 

2. Optimize Your Website For Mobile Devices 

When smartphones came at the forefront of modern technology, almost every business’s digital footprint significantly expanded. Only those businesses that aren’t able to optimize their websites for mobile use are left behind. If your company is one of those, then chances are, your competition is now a few steps ahead of you, which means that you’re losing business. 

So, if your intention is to expand your company’s digital footprint, it’s a must for you to optimize your website for all mobile devices. This can be achieved when your website enables visitors to view your content on their mobile screens in landscape mode. 

Here are a few more tried-and-tested tricks for mobile optimization: 

• Refine your design aesthetic by keeping it as simple as possible. 
• Think social, which means increasing your reach through the social media sites. 
• Improve your page loading speed. 

Also make sure to create consistent high quality content on your website and social media pages that will be useful to readers, viewers, and search engine crawlers.

how to expand business digital footprint

3. Delete Old Accounts 

You don’t need to have three different Facebook accounts or any additional accounts across all platforms. Perhaps years back, when you were still starting your business, you’ve created more than one account thinking that your reach will expand this way. But right now, you only need to create one under each platform so that your focus will be on your digital marketing efforts rather than on the maintenance of these accounts. 

If you haven’t already, delete all your unnecessary accounts now. If you keep them all, you’re only going to confuse your audience as to which social media account they should go to reach out to you. It’s going to affect your digital footprint significantly because traces of your related accounts will be left everywhere. 

4. Increase The Number Of Payment Options 

The fourth tip on this list applies to companies that are in the e-commerce industry. Perhaps you’d like to try to increase the number of your payment options. When you do, you’re increasing your reach. Why? Because this is what attracts a large number of buyers. 

It's an undeniable fact that today, one of the main expectations of online customers is that they will have multiple payment options when making purchases. Some prefer bank-to-bank transfers, while others choose the cash-on-delivery option. For the credit card payment selection, make sure that all types of bank cards can be accepted. Your company’s digital footprint significantly expands when buyers go to your website because this feature is available to them. 

You need to consider what payment options are available to customers in different countries, different income levels, and with different levels of technical expertise to choose the payment options your business offers. The more options you offer, the greater your potential customer base. But it can be a double-edged sword as well because more payment methods can also increase your bookkeeping, accounting, and security expenses.

5. Increase Your Social Media Presence 

A strong social media presence contributes to the success of your digital marketing campaigns. This means that you are actively engaging with online users and are posting content that is relevant to their interests.  Why is this significant?  It enables you to become a trusted source of information thereby making your reach wider. This also gives you a better advantage over your competitors. It pays to be a social media influencer. 

Double Up On Digital 

With the ideas above, you can surely take that first step to widen your company’s digital footprint. When you take your company’s digital footprint to the next level, in effect, you’re also strengthening your business, growing it, and in effect, improving your profitability.

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