Small Steps in Digital Marketing That Will Impact Your Business Growth

Digital marketing is the leader of customer acquisition today. Businesses of all types; be it small or large are benefiting from it. These businesses have designed their strategies around digital marketing. Thus, the trend of digital marketing continues to rise. Since the trend is on the rise, there are certain measures that need to be undertaken in order to sustain business growth and to earn a competitive edge. According to one study, about 76 percent of digital marketers tend to focus on content. With increasing marketing expenditures and cost to attract customers, digital marketing is an alternative to ensure that your business growth. Let us see, how you can leverage it for your business. 

1. Direct Customer Interaction 

Digital marketing provides with numerous ways to engage with your customer directly. The customers could be your returning ones or your potential ones. How are these interactions ensured? Through commenting or replying, tweeting or participating in a forum. This single-handedly improves brand perception and you brand starts getting noticed online. 

Direct responses or private messaging are more effective because these are tailored made responses for addressing that individual’s concern. These replies are intended to clarify points and answer any queries but care should be exercised that those dealing with customers are equipped with necessary knowledge of the brand and can exhibit customer service traits or else it can backfire. 

2. Hire A Social Media Manager 

The need for social media in driving your business to success cannot be argued with. Although, the realization is there that social media is needed to influence your business but the effective utilization of social media tools is still lacking in the industry. What to do? 

The solution lies in hiring a social media manager. He will help you manage the affairs with regards to social media and will garner leads for you. The hiring of a social media manager is not that expensive either. You will that most of these guys work as freelancers and are managing one or more businesses, thereby relatively keeping the costs and charge to a low. If you have the means and resources, recruit an in-house resource so as to exercise greater control over your campaign. 

3. Optimize Your Website Design 

The website is your first line of interception between you and your customers. What they will see on your website, will leave an impression on them of your business. Businesses tend to lose customers because they don’t account for their website’s design and in the end, have no one but themselves and their lack of farsightedness to blame. 

Hence, it is essential that a bad website design should be eliminated because how the website fares will greatly tell about who you are and what your brand is all about. So in order to take your business to new heights, make sure you have an optimized website design is in place. 

4. Spreading Out Content 

We talked about content marketing but the need is to have the content portray consistency. All your digital marketing channels/efforts must carry same tones, colors, professionalism, and sense of humor and so on so forth to reflect consistency in your brand and so that customers don’t get confused. 

5. Start a Blog 

Starting a blog is an ideal way to leverage digital marketing for positively influencing your business growth. Any company with an active blog will attract up to 67 percent in leads. It is also cheap as there is literally no cost with the exception of purchasing a host domain or you can even set up a free WordPress platform to being with. Where many businesses are seeking to make a mark with blogging, others are flourishing already with the blogging at the helm of their success. 

For the customers, blog posts are one of the most trusted sources of information on the Internet which means you can build trust with your customers by way of managing a blog. 

6. The Power of Profiles 

Another essential element of digital marketing that can empower your business online is by maintaining a killer business profile. It is the profile which will make the customer decide whether or not to proceed with the purchase of whatever product or service you are offering. 

7. Write for Other Publications 

To be able to appear on other publications is no small feat. This can bring a strong influence in your digital marketing footprint. If you are a featured contributor on renowned publications, you are bound to appear as an expert to the readers or audience. Also if you are a regular guest blogger/writer for other publications, this will bring you a multitude of benefit and your every digital marketing effort is going to be impacted by this. 

According to some 30 leading digital marketing experts, it is said that down the line, guest blogging will play a huge part in successfully building a business than building backlinks

Digital marketing is always changing. Stay on top of trends to make sure you and your business don't get left behind!

James White is an SEO/SEM expert and has been associated with a leading digital marketing firm for several years. He is a passionate worker, mentor, and writer. 

I hope you enjoyed this article about steps you can take with digital marketing that will positively impact your business growth.

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