Cycling Is More Important Than Electric Cars

cycling to work more important than electric cars bike commute vs ev

There was only one electric car out of 50 new cars this past year and about 1 in 14 cars in the UK. This may sound quite interesting. But do you know that it would take 15 to 20 years to replace all fuel cars even if all new cars were electric now? We need a smart short-term solution in the meantime!

Electric Vehicle Industry Update And The Environment

For us to tackle the climate crisis, we need to make big changes, even if you like staying at home playing darmowe gry hazardowe jackpot. Such changes include reducing or doing away with motorized cars, especially private vehicles, as soon as possible. Focusing only on introducing more electric cars is slowing down our journey towards zero emissions. 

Electric cars have been the hottest topic in the transport industry for several years now. For some reason, some of us believe that electric cars do not contribute to global warming. However, this is untrue since e-cars are not fully zero-carbon. Bear in mind that these vehicles need batteries, and the process of mining those raw materials for those batteries will produce emissions. Moreover, manufacturing the cars as well as generating electricity they operate on will release carbon. 

Besides, it is an undeniable fact that the transport industry is one of the most challenging parts to reduce its carbon impact. This is due to its heavy relying on fossil fuels and dependence on high-carbon footprint infrastructure such as roads. In fact, according to the International Energy Agency, the transportation sector was responsible for about 26% of the global CO2 emissions in recent years. 

Nonetheless, not all hope is lost, and we can turn to other alternatives that can reduce transport emissions quickly. One of the ways we can do so is by encouraging cycling, or active travel as it is now known. Cycling is much better than electric cars for several reasons, as you will discover below: 

1. It Is A Healthier Option For Travelers

Cycling is not only a fun activity, but it is also a healthy and low-impact exercise. It is a good muscle workout since you will be using all the major muscles to pedal. Moreover, cycling can help to: 

● Reduce your stress levels 
● Strengthen bones 
● Reduce depression and anxiety 
● Decrease body fats 
● Increase muscle strength 
● Improve posture 
● Strengthen heart muscles and protect you from cardiovascular diseases 

2. Cheaper Option Than EVs

Another way biking is more important than electric cars is that cycling is cheap. You only need your bike, and besides, bicycles do not really need expensive maintenance. So you will find yourself saving up more on bills, gas, and other maintenance costs. Biking instead of driving is definitely the frugal choice!

3. Lower Carbon Footprints 

According to new research, cyclists or a pedestrian have a lower carbon footprint. It is not only that, but if people prefer walking or cycling on a daily basis, be it to or from school or work, then they will reduce their carbon emissions by about half a ton of CO2 over a year. Furthermore, the study showed that emissions from cycling could be more than 30 times less for a single trip than driving a normal car. This can also be ten times less than when driving an electric car. 

Final Thoughts On Biking Being Better Than Electric Vehicles

We can give active travel like biking a chance since it is not only healthier but is also affordable and a clean form of transportation than EV or petrol powered vehicles. Besides, it can help us tackle climate change earlier and quicker than electric cars.

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