5 Tips To Improve Sales On Your Website

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Ecommerce is such a huge part of the way businesses operate these days. Following the last 18 months, many brands have even made the plunge into online only. It’s a very different operation from selling in physical stores to the competitive and extensive world of the internet however. 

There are ways in which you can optimise your site to help generate sales and set your stall out to the masses. Many are simple tips and tricks, while others come in the way a website is built with website building platforms such as https://www.duda.co/ really establishing themselves as leaders in digital commerce. So, how can you improve sales on your website? We delve into five quick tips to get you started on strengthening sales online… 

1. Keep It Simple 

While many brands will pack their pages full of products, it can often prove overwhelming for a customer. The best way to increase sales is to keep it simple. Many experts suggest offering fewer products on a page with more text and descriptions to really sell a product rather than images and only snapshots. 

Many brands adopt this strategy, pushing their key products ahead of the hundreds of others they have, and offering quick links to browse the rest for people who want to delve deeper into the catalogue. 

2. Integrate Videos 

Think of any major retail site, whether it be Adidas or Asos, and you’ll find videos on the product pages. Research into videos and their relation to sales has found that video on a page can increase conversions by up to 86%, so they are well worth investing in. 

This is largely due to the fact that our brain can process video much quicker than text, as well as getting a much fuller flavour of the product from all angles. They’re incredibly effective and one of the must haves for almost any product you are selling. Embedding videos on your website can also increase time on site which can positively impact your SEO for more future organic traffic.

3. Follow Up Emails 

A huge percentage of online carts are abandoned, so a good way to convert is through email marketing. Email marketing offers one of the largest returns on investment in marketing, but of course you need the customer's email address in the first place. 

There are a number of different methods in which you can capture this. The main way to do this is by offering something of value to the customer, whether that be in the form of offers, valuable insight / articles, or a loyalty scheme. Additionally, you could also offer some form of free download to get the ball rolling. Essentially, there has to be something in it for the customer for them to give away their contact information details. 

4. Showcase Reviews And Testimonials 

Customers aren’t stupid. Of course as a brand you’re going to build up your products as the best quality, offering, price, or service. But what do customers who have used your products or services actually think? Adding a review section or testimonials can significantly boost your chance of a sale. It is a tactic that promotes trust and honesty, and even the odd negative review can increase the chance of a sale, as it just adds integrity to the reviews that are featured on the page. 

Of course, lots of negative reviews will have an adverse effect on sales, so do be aware of this. If you have quality products or offer a good service, however, that shouldn’t be anything to worry about. You can't avoid all negative reviews and customers realize some of these might not even be legitimate. Just be professional if you reply to any negative reviews and try and smooth things over if possible with them.  

5. Upselling 

The upsell can be a key part of increasing sales. You can upsell in a showroom or in a store, so integrating that into online sales can be pretty seamless. In fact, it’s more effective as customers don’t necessarily see it in the same way as when you’re physically being pushed by a sales team. 

There are different ways in which you can upsell a customer. One method is to offer add-ons to a product for an extra few pounds or dollars, while methods can be showcasing recommended products at the foot of a different product page or within the cart section so people can quickly add further products to their card. 

Loyalty programs also upsell customers by giving them more incentive to purchase more often and larger amounts.

You can also upsell in a sense by getting existing customers to refer your product or service to their connections.

Supercharge Sales 

When it comes to improving your business' bottom line, increasing website sales is one of the top factors. It could even double your company's profit margins. Keep these five tips in mind to sell smarter online.

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