How To Keep On Top Of Water Bills

how to lower water bill

The average water bill for 2020-2021 costs £396.60 per year, according to Water UK. Therefore, it is unsurprising that so many people are trying to cut down on their water costs. Luckily, there are some neat practices and habits you can introduce to help you keep on top of your water bills. 

Install A Water Meter 

This is probably one of the common pieces of advice you will hear, but it can save you a fair amount of money. Water bills are typically calculated by rates which means you pay a set monthly amount regardless of your water usage. This is determined by the value of your house. 

Having a water meter measures exactly how much water you are using, meaning you will only pay for what you’re using. These can also be installed for free by your water company, plus you can always switch back to your rates if you find you are spending more with the meter. 

Use An Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) 

An AMR helps make running your water meter even easier as it is a remote device that is attached to your water meter to automatically provide you with regular updates on your water usage. 

These also track your consumption patterns, so you can see where you can improve on your water conservation. This is also useful for helping you spot a potential leak early if you notice an unusual irregular pattern. 

Overall, an AMR can save you time, money and promote sustainability, so if you are looking for a reliable solution, visit the Castle Water AMR page. 

Simple Habits 

We’ve all heard it before - turn off taps and take a shower instead of a bath, but these are simple ways to prevent wasting water. Other practices you can introduce include ensuring you have a full load of washing in your dishwasher or washing machine to stop wasting water on half loads. 

You can also introduce simple practices in the kitchen such as washing vegetables in a bowl as opposed to under running water. 

Always make sure that you double check your faucets in the bathroom or kitchen to ensure they aren't dripping before leaving the room.

Watering The Garden 

When you think about it, simply watering the garden can add up to a lot of water usage. Therefore, consider having a water butt to catch rainwater to water your garden with rather than relying on the taps. You should also opt for a watering can rather than a hose as this can result in a lot of unnecessarily wasted water. 

Fix Those Leaks 

Leaking taps and pipes can add up to an eye-watering amount of wasted water. Therefore if you notice a tap is dripping constantly no matter what you do or you notice you seem to be using a surprising amount of water, speak to a plumber or your landlord as soon as possible. 

Overall, encouraging simple habits in your day to day life can have a big impact on your water bill. Whether you introduce a water meter or adopt everyday changes to your routine, you may be surprised at the difference they make.

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