What Should A Great Sales CV Look Like?

what should top sales cv look like resume writing

Your CV (curriculum vitae) serves to be a crucial tool in the job search process for allowing you to step your foot in the new world of professionalism. It offers you the opportunity to showcase your skills while marketing yourself as an individual that hiring managers would look forward to meeting. However, what makes a great sales CV or resume? Let us get into this topic in greater detail! 

Leading sales professionals are difficult to come by –especially in the current job market led by candidates. With increasing competition, it is important to recognize yourself as a top talent in the given industry. This will offer you the best chance of drawing the attention of potential recruiters to invite you for an interview of the job position.

Let us help you understand the essential elements of a great sales CV in the competitive job market. 

What To Look For In A Great Sales CV? 

As you are going through your CV and resume, you can go through the given checklist for identifying whether or not your CV fits the desired requirements. 

• A well-defined, presentable format 
• Major achievements throughout your career 
• Transferable skills –major sales roles 
• Similarities within the existing markets in which you have previously worked 
• Total time spent in previous roles 
• Performance against target results. Numbers are important while determining your overall success. It is a sign that you have impacted some change in other organizations. 
• Completion of sales training courses –how qualified you are for the given position 

What Should A Great Sales CV Cover? 

When you are preparing a detailed sales CV and cover letter, it should be aimed at offering a comprehensive overview of your entire work history. Ensure that your sales CV covers the following core areas: 

• A short overview of every company you have worked for in the past, and market in which they operate 

• A detailed breakdown of your day-to-day roles 

• A list of major achievements in every role 

• Examples of contracts that you might have obtained, managed, or developed 

• References to the given market 

There are some aspects of the sales CV that are more important in comparison to others. It would ultimately depend on the particular organization and the specific attributes that hiring managers would be looking for in the candidates. 

Most hiring managers look into the previous industry of the candidates along with information like client base, product history, and how the candidates have performed in previous roles. It will help the recruiters to determine the ability of the candidates to come up with a successful career in the current organization, and revealing the suitability of the candidates for the given job description. 

Important Aspects Of An Impressive Sales CV 

• Relevant Details 

When you are in the role of a sales professional, you can make the document stand out by putting in relevant details. For instance, there is a stark difference between ‘managing sales team’ and ‘actively managing a sales team of top senior-level sales representatives generating the combined revenue of $1 million in 2020.” 

• Figures And Numbers 

When you wish to secure yourself a great sales job, you should aim at including numbers in the CV. Emphasize details like how much revenue you along with your team have created. You can also put in the specific percentage of your target that you might have achieved for individual roles in the given industry. This is going to be the first thing that recruiters will look into your CV. 

• Eye-Catchy Format 

Irrespective of the information you are putting in the CV, the CV format is the first thing that recruiters will go through as soon as they open it. The format should not be exceedingly flashy and colourful. Make the text stand out for representing your most important and current achievements. 

CV Conclusion 

There are several ways in which you can make your sales CV stand out from others. Ensure that you put in the right information and format the document correctly to garner the attention of the interested employers. Make sure that all information you put in are accurate and relevant to the given industry. You can also customize the CV with the help of a reliable CV tool or consultant to help you out in the development process. Using resume builders could also be a great idea, you can check top 10 best resume builders here.

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