4 Advantages Of Mobile Credit Card Processing Services

advantages mobile credit card processing services

There is no doubt that more people are paying by credit or debit card. More so credit cards because there is greater protection on them. This means that retailers who cannot accept them are severely disadvantaged. Particularly where there are people who do not carry cash on them. It might seem hard to believe but that is the case. This is because so many retailers are accepting credit cards they do not think that they have to. 

So, let us explore some advantages of credit card processing services that can be carried out at any location, even remote ones, as opposed to conventional high street shop environments. 

Greater Choice Of Payment Methods 

People like a choice with their payments. Not only that, but many are also still traditionalists and so still need persuading that credit cards are the best way to pay now. We can only do this by providing the service everywhere so that there never becomes a need for cash. Also, there will be those that volunteer their credit card before thinking of any other payment method. So, if you are a stallholder in a field, then it makes sense to get yourself a mobile credit card processing machine. 

Portable credit card machines are available with Easy Pay Direct. They can accept payment wherever you are. Not just in-store but in remote locations too. A merchant not taking advantage will struggle to compete against the thousands of merchants offering customers the service, wherever their retail outlet is situated, permanent or temporary. 


The type of payment method open to customers is about convenience. It is not always possible to have the right change when paying in cash or to give it. Many banks are no longer offering their customers cheque books to pay that way. So, unless customers are being given credit, they should not be walking off with items until a cheque has cleared. So, this makes it a much securer and faster method of accepting payments to be able to use a credit card machine in any location. 

From a customer's point of view, it is easier to carry a slim credit card in their wallet than a stack of cash. A bulging wallet is more of a theft risk, whereas a credit card can be better hidden. Also, lots of coins can make a hole in the pocket and jangle at all the wrong times. The fact that we can pay low values by merely swiping a card and not having to remember passwords is swaying as all to credit card use. So, those without the machines, wherever they still are, may potentially lose customers. Reputations are everything in business. Providing good or effective customer service is becoming about the convenient payment methods a trader can offer. 

Can Trade In More Locations 

Portable credit card devices open the possibility for trading in a great number of locations. This means that you can set up a shop anywhere that the authorities will let you. It no longer has to be about the till. 

So, whether it is a farmer’s market, an antiques and collectables fair, or a jumble sale in the middle of a field, payment can be accepted by credit card and by machine. We do not have to turn away any payments. We can be in touch with technology on the go. Our same customers can turn up to the location next week and know that we have the machine that will accept their credit cards and securely take their payment in an instant. 

Attract More Customers 

There is no doubt, given what we have discussed above, that customers will be attracted to retailers with credit card processing facilities. They can step out of the house with just their credit card and pay for anything then. Customers will get to know the retailers that have these machines and only deal or trade with them. When people go out for a pint of milk, they tend to go out with their card rather than a handful of coins or a note. It has become the way of the world and easy payment systems are something for all retailers, no matter how small, to embrace sooner rather than later. 

Final Thoughts On Mobile Credit Card Processing

In conclusion, providing the customer with the choice and convenience of mobile or portable credit card processing facilities will only attract them and, at the same time, allow for more retailers to trade from more remote locations.

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