Online Casinos In India: How They Get Your Attention

how online casinos are promoted in india

No online casino is ever truly out of reach. Online, anything and everything is possible. Regardless of what the laws may be put up, there are ways to get what you want legally and instantly. 

In this review, we discuss how online casinos that accept Indian rupees can promote themselves online to attract Indian players despite the laws on advertising when it comes to this sector of business. 

With this, we discuss the laws surrounding legal online gambling in India, what the online casinos in India are able to offer and how you can also take part and win yourself some Indian rupees if you are lucky. 

Advertising Gambling In India 

How does a country go from having a law that prohibits gambling operators from advertising their services, to being one of the hottest areas of the industry when it comes to gambling? It’s an odd paradox but it’s very much happening right now and right here in India. 

If you want to join an online casino here in India, you can. There is no law that prohibits the access of casinos in India, there are only laws that stop the casinos from telling you that they are available. 

Now, we all know there are already casinos in India that are found in the local tourist hotspots, but our focus is the online sector and how advertising gambling in India goes against this service of online casinos in India. 

There can be no doubt that India is hot property despite the laws, so how on earth is this possible and able to work. This is what we are going to be looking at - how advertising can sidestep the laws in place and gain your full attention. 

The Indian Laws On Casino Advertisement 

Firstly, the Telecom Commercial Communications Customer Preference Regulation is the body that regulates the gambling advertisement in India. They work alongside the Advertising Standards Council of India which has the power to control all content that goes on the television. 

Yes, you can cross this avenue of advertising off, none of the online casinos that accept players from India are allowed to advertise their business through TV advertisement. 

Now, this is only aimed at gambling online in India. Local lotteries that are licensed by the state are able to bypass such rulings because the lottery laws comply in such a way to meet the IPC (Indian Penal Code) standards. However, when it comes to India’s licensed land-based sites, Indian casinos cannot promote or have sites that promote online gambling games. So, the question remains how does an online casino get discovered by Indian players? 

Well, let us look at the situation more clearly. Online casinos cannot advertise on TV, billboards, posters, or via radio commercials. So, what does this leave the online casinos in India? Well, the internet itself which is a far greater platform to sell your business, because from here, you can use social media as a way of getting to the target market. 

The online casino world is its own place Searching for online casinos in India is no problem at all. In fact, operators don’t really need to advertise anymore. As long as the service of an online casino is made available, the desire of the player wanting to find it will bring the two together through online casino review sites like this one

When it comes to gambling online in India, the general gambling laws do not prohibit players from accessing online casinos, so players instantly have the freedom to take part in joining and winning from the online casinos in India. Ironically, these aren’t actually casinos from within India. 

All the sites and services found online for this industry are actually based in Europe. These are all foreign sites that are able to deal with the currency of Indian rupees, thusly, turning them into Indian casinos. 

Online advertisement has far greater reaches than any form of TV advertisement or billboard and this is indicative of the times we live in. People have little interest in watching television or taking notice of a billboard or even listen to local radio. Online, there are far more fascinating things, and this is where everyone is congregating; it is the home of social media and word of mouth is the most powerful advertising tool that all the regulatory bodies did not count on working or think about because the Internet is entirely out of their jurisdiction. 

How Your Attention Is Captured 

How does an online casino communicate without having to say anything? How are you able to locate the best online casino in India without knowing where to start? Well, going from nothing to joining one or more of the many online casinos that there are comes down to the affiliate market. 

Casinos don’t have to be the voice of the service when you have third-parties willing to do it for you and for a cut of the action. When a first-time player begins to look for a site to gamble, they will put into a search engine, something along the lines of, ‘online casino’. The result of this will produce a list of paying sites to advertise the top rankings and a deluge of affiliated comparison sites that casinos pay to be reviewed on. 

This is the process completed, very basic, very simple. The player seeks, the affiliate provides, the casino reaps. And this is just the basic way of advertising. Other methods can come through social platforms like Twitch. Players will watch other players play casino games and win, with the casino being the main point of the show that is put on. 

There is no way that Indian law or any regulation can stop a player from India seeking out online casinos in India. There are many affiliates out there willing to help casinos get spotted and this is all because the demand for players in India to play already exists. Then you have the wing of direct advertising which can be found across social media. Your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram platforms can all provide direct advertisement from the casinos to the player. These are fully within the law because these are not platforms owned by the government. 

What you now find is that there are a host of Indian celebrities that are promoting online betting sites. You have former and current sporting stars and television personalities all helping to get casinos known to their fans. 

Becoming Part Of An Online Casino In India 

One of the biggest appeals put out by online casinos is their welcome bonus. All newly registered players are able to claim a special exclusive offer that provides players with extra Indian rupees to play with and a selection of free spins. 

Welcome bonuses are the marketing hook that all Indian casinos offer. The main appeal is, of course, the gaming. Online casinos now can offer much more than just slots. Players can experience live sports betting. You can get total coverage of the Indian Premier League with live streaming of the games you love. 

Aside from live sports, there is also live dealer games. You can experience live Teen Patti and Andar Bahar with Hindi-speaking dealers. Plus, there is also live poker tournaments, poker being a game which is banned in India’s land casino because it is deemed a game of skill rather than luck. 

Casinos Conclusion

You do not have to look too hard to get yourself registered with a casino online in India. You may not know where to look at first, but there are plenty of them out there waiting to greet you as a new member.

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