7 Must-Have Pantry Appliances For A Small Office

must-have pantry appliances for small office break room gadgets

Forbes reveals the secret to what makes employees happy (and healthy) in an office’s challenging environment. It says “90% of North American employees say taking a lunch break helps them feel refreshed and ready to get back to work.” 

So, if you think your meeting room is the most important place in your office, you are missing out on something big. The kitchen of your office is far more important than you might think. 

Know why? 

Because it's the place your employees unwind, re-charge, and have a good time preparing snacks. Therefore, your office kitchen must have some clever appliances handy. 

Here is the list of some must-have pantry tools to stock in your office’s kitchen. 

1. Coffee Maker 

Coffee is an all-time favorite drink of all the 9-to-5’ers. So, you better keep a coffee maker in your office kitchen to help your employees refill their energies whenever they feel down. However, when it comes to choosing the perfect coffee maker for your office kitchen, you’ll come across different options. 

You can choose from single-cup brewing coffee makers to traditional coffee makers – whatever gives your employees a perfect caffeinated day. 

2. Microwave 

Microwave is another ideal member of your office’s kitchen pantry. 

From heating some snacks to fully cooking them, a microwave is the best meal partner. They take up minimal space, work fast, and last longer. 

Even better? Your employees don’t need to be experts to operate them. 

3. Water Dispenser 

No matter how many employees you have in your organization, everyone will need frequent water breaks to keep the work flowing. A countertop water dispenser is the best way to provide everyone with pure and cold (or hot) water. 

The best part is a countertop dispenser comes in a sleek design that doesn’t take much space. Plus, you don’t have to worry about the quality of the water. It will be clean, clear, and crisp. 

4. Toaster 

While your employees spend a whole day in tons of mental challenges, a crispy brown toast won’t hurt if it recharges their lost energy. Right? 

A toaster is the best tool for your office workers to prepare themselves a quick and easy snack. 

Toasters can be of two kinds. With timers and without timers. 

Offices are busy places, so it's always ideal to buy a toaster with a timer. In case any of your employees forgets about his toasting bread, it stops automatically. 

5. Blender 

Shakes and smoothies are the nutritiously rich drinks your employees might want to enjoy during their lunch break. Moreover, the blenders can prepare a large variety of foods. They can help to make delicious drinks, salsas, sauces, and dips. 

They can turn whole veggies and fruits into delicious and not to mention healthier drinks without wasting any fiber. Also, they are a breeze to clean. 

6. Tea Kettle 

We know coffee is the winner when it comes to best-loved drinks. But you can't underestimate the fan-following of tea. Your office, too, must have some employees who'll be die-hard tea lovers. 

So, the next time your employees crave tea, they can instantly prepare a cup or two and have a great tea time. Furthermore, tea kettles take up an insanely little place on the desk. 

Don't want to dedicate your kettle to a permanent place? No problem. You can store them in a cabinet after use. 

7. Refrigerator / Mini Fridge 

Refrigerators or mini-fridges make your office's kitchen life better in many ways. 

They are mini but have a mighty potential to store your office's leftover foods, snacks, and beverages. Your employees may also use it to store their homemade lunches, coffee, cream, snacks, or drinks. 

Adding a mini-fridge to your office's kitchen can bring more than a nice chill. 


By now, you must have known that the way to an organization’s success is paved through its office kitchen (no pun intended!). Also, you have an idea about pantry tools that are worth making their space in your office kitchen. 

So, what are you waiting for? Rush to the kitchen in your office. Run your eyeballs through its equipment, and stock it with what it is missing.

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