Business Trip, Air Holiday Or Road Trip? How To Pack Your Suitcase Efficiently

how to pack suitcase efficiently travel packing

Many people don't think too hard about packing their suitcase. It often happens that people quickly pack their suitcase the night before departure. But we can think of countless reasons why that really isn't a good idea. For example, think of too little or too much clothing. Has it ever happened to you that you forget your complete toiletry bag due to lack of preparation? Well worth reading this blog. We explain how to pack your suitcase efficiently and not forget anything. Read on quick before your next business travel date.

1. Make A Checklist 

The is to make a vacation checklist two or three days in advance. When you notice that you still need to buy something, you still have plenty of time to arrange that. By making a checklist, the chance that you will overlook something is much smaller. And if you don't know where to start making your list, you can always consult the internet. There are various checklists available for every destination, temperature and travel time from which you can make a start. In addition, it is always useful to discuss with your fellow travelers what they are taking with them. It is a waste of space if everyone takes the same large bottle of sunscreen, for example. 

2. Organize Your Suitcase 

Okay, your checklist is done, everything is checked and you are ready to pack your suitcase all the way. For this you can use luggage organizers also called 'packing cubes'. In these bags you can put everything in separate compartments so that you know exactly where everything is. Then you can choose to fold or roll the clothes. We recommend that you roll up the clothes. Because by rolling you reduce creases and you create more space in your suitcase for other things. 

3. Take Your Time 

As mentioned before, many people pack their bags at the last minute. We recommend that you do not do this. Have all your things ready (at least) a day in advance so that you have a clear overview. Are you going on holiday by plane? Then there is also a weight limit attached to it. If you don't weigh in beforehand, you may well have to pay extra. And those costs quickly add up. With that money you better go out for dinner. But if you go by car, that makes a little less difference. 

It is true that when you go on a road trip, you have to take into account the layout of your suitcase or bag. The essentials should be on top so you can get to them quickly and not have to reach for them. It is also very important to organize well in the car, do not put the food on the bottom, if you get hungry it must be within reach. If you already know that it probably won't fit in the car, then renting a passenger bus (translation to Dutch: personenbus huren) is a good idea. Then you have a lot of space and comfort during your road trip, and that's what you want during a road trip, right? Are you going with many friends or large family? Then you can always rent a 9 - seater bus (translation to Dutch: 9 persoons bus huren). 

Proficient Packing For Travel Time

With these traveling tips you will never go on holiday, road trip or business trip disorganized again. Apply these suitcase packing tips and leave for your trip with peace of mind.

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