What Responsibilities Does A Marketing Executive Have?

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Marketing management is an organizational field that focuses on the optimization of a company's marketing assets and functions and also on the better utilization of those marketing tools and resources within an enterprise and concerning its strategic objectives. It, therefore, combines the concepts of marketing with accounting, information systems, and other managerial science. It helps to establish goals, target markets, strategies, budgets, methods, and measuring techniques. 

Understand The Job 

Marketing managers are also known as marketing executives. They are usually found in larger organizations where they manage marketing programs that have cross-functional divisions. Marketing managers may work closely with one or more of the senior managers of a company's product or service offerings. A marketing executive may also be required to operate as part of a committee within a larger organization. While a small business owner may choose to advertise on social media, marketing executives find ways to get Twitter followers and increase brand exposure. This person needs to be very organized and responsible since he or she may be required to make decisions on behalf of the entire organization regarding its marketing strategy and its implementation. The highest level marketing executive is director or CMO depending on the company.

What To Expect In Terms Of Pay 

The salaries of a marketing manager can vary depending on his experience and qualifications. Usually, their starting salaries are high since they are expected to have expert knowledge in their chosen fields and marketing as a whole. Senior marketing executive salaries are usually quite high since they command the attention of senior managers. Marketing professionals who advance to level two are eligible for salary increases of about fifteen percent annually. Those working at levels three and four may increase their salaries by six percent annually, while the most senior marketing executive may earn ten percent above the industry average. 

Responsibilities And Job Description 

Marketers working at lower levels usually have more flexible working lives than executives at higher levels. They can decide when to take holidays, when to spend their weekends, or if they want to take sick days. Marketing executives on average retire after thirty years of working, so having a short working life may not adversely affect them. 

Marketing executives also need to be aware of the latest trends in healthcare. Since healthcare is one of the most profitable industries in the world, health-related marketing executive jobs are highly sought after. Marketing of healthcare products and services requires the implementation of new ideas regularly. The professionals who hold such positions must therefore be up to date with the latest trends in the industry. They must therefore be proficient and knowledgeable with respect to the latest medical technologies that improve the quality of healthcare products and services. 

Usually they have to coordinate marketing strategies, advertising campaigns, and healthcare projects from different departments within the organisation. A marketing executive's duties also depend on how he or she is promoted. Some executives are promoted through specialized channels, while others are promoted through a wide variety of career paths within the organisation. Marketing professionals may also be involved in managing recruitment campaigns and training employees for specific healthcare roles. 

Climbing The Corporate Ladder 

In order to advance within the organisation, marketing executives should be able to apply their skills in different organisational roles. This means that they should be willing to take initiatives. Marketing executives can also oversee marketing campaigns and projects. However, it is their duty to find ways to promote products and services through a variety of promotional and communicative methods. For this, they have to know the best formats of advertising as well as the right strategies to use to make such campaigns successful. 

Marketing executives can pursue other career opportunities once they have achieved a higher level of success within the company. Some of the other tasks that they may now have to perform include planning and supervising social media campaigns. They can also help with the creation of healthcare content, which is essentially online information meant to improve the healthcare industry. Whatever the level of success they have attained within large organisations, marketing executives may now take their skills to smaller organisations that require more personalized coaching and mentoring.

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