10 Modern Devices To Boost Your Small Business Office

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When it comes to growing a small business, you can use all the assistance one can get. Whether your small business is based in an office or at home, investing in a few innovative devices can make professional life much easier. 

We are constantly bombarded with new gadgets and gizmos. However, devices that are actually useful and not just for show are much harder to come by. 

On that front, the following ten products may help to boost overall productivity and work efficiency in your small business or home office. 

Here are ten of the most recent and innovative devices you can grab for small businesses. 

10 Top Gadgets And Electronics For Work

1. Energous WattUp 

WattUp from Energous is an amazing business tool. Due to its wireless charging capabilities, it is certain to be a game-changer. Well, we're not talking about the kind of wireless that still needs to be installed in a specific location. This charging station has the ability to charge multiple devices within a 15-foot radius. 

It can even prioritize charging the devices with the lowest charge first. It is also worth noting that WattUp does not continuously send power. When devices are within the range and in need of charging, the transmitter only sends power. 

2. Energi Charging Station 

Smaller companies with owners or employees who are frequently on the road can often benefit from the Energi charging stations. This gadget can charge up to five devices at once. The charging station's SmartDirect ports charge faster than standard wall chargers. Allowing you to get up and go faster than before. 

This will also allow you to keep your smart devices charged while on the road. In case you come across people who want to sign up or learn more about your company. 

3. Peplink Balance 30 LTE 

If Internet connectivity is critical for your startup firm, the Peplink Balance 30 LTE ($569) could be a lifeline. The Balance family of Internet routers includes two or more built-in Ethernet wide area network (WAN) ports. Enabling load balancing between multiple Internet Service Providers (ISPs) for maximum Internet reliability. 

The Balance 30 LTE, as the name implies, includes an embedded LTE modem. This is meant for 4G and 3G wireless mobile fallback in the event that your wired Internet service goes down. 

4. Smartphone Credit Card Reader 

A smartphone credit card reader is one of the best devices a small business owner (or employee) can invest in. Especially those available from top payment processing devices and platforms. This allows you to process payments while on the go, which is essential for small businesses. It's no bigger than a box of matches. The card reader works with smartphones, and it's also simple to complete refunds with. 

5. NeatConnect 

The NeatConnect is a cordless, stand-alone scanner that connects directly to your Wi-Fi network. As a result, it eliminates the need for a controlling PC. It can scan in color and scan both sides of a document in a single pass. 

The best part is, you can easily preconfigure NeatConnect to digitize paper documents. Also, save them directly to a variety of cloud services. Some common examples are EverNote, OneNote, Dropbox, Box, and Google Drive). Don’t forget FTP and email attachments. Using NeatConnect's intuitive color touchscreen, users select scanning parameters, output destination, and other operations. 

6. VoIP Phone System 

If you haven’t yet experienced what bomb a VoIP phone system is, now’s the best time. VoIP phone systems, such as those offered by Nextiva, operate on your company's internet connection. Rather than a traditional landline. 

They are less expensive than landlines and provide additional benefits. For example portability (calls can be made from your phone, desktop, or mobile device) and integrations with other business software. This isn't the most flashy office gadget, but it's critical for integrating your workspace. The special VoIP services will normally cost you around $20–$30 per month. 

7. Multidevice Keyboard 

With the entry of the multidevice keyboard, Bluetooth technology is showing further and better improvements. Logitech's design employs a standard-sized keyboard for desktops, tablets, and smartphones. 

It is meant to perform a variety of tasks ranging from answering text messages to responding to emails. It has a built-in cradle for docking your mobile device. Also, a dial allows you to select which tool your keyboard is typing into. It is compatible with Windows, Mac, Chrome, iOS, and Android. It also includes built-in shortcuts for a better productive working experience. 

The Bluetooth multidevice keyboard from Logitech allows you to easily switch between. The switching can be done between up to three different devices. 

8. Phone Projector 

This small projector makes it simple to share content from your phone. We all carry out ample of our routine work on our phones as well as on the go. Despite the fact that sharing presentations from a computer is common. 

This TOPVISION 4000LUX Outdoor Movie Projector streamlines the process of sharing and presenting. This happens by letting you skip the stage of downloading your work onto your laptop. 

9. Portable Power Station 

Small-scale power ports are great. But there are times when you need to plug in something larger than a USB drive. Enter the portable power station. These cool office gadgets aren’t just for camping! 

They also allow you to take your mobile office wherever you want to work. Whether it's at a coffee shop, in the park, or in the mechanic's waiting room while getting your oil changed. Even if all of the coveted power outlet tables are taken. Well, the best option, in this case, is custom electrical enclosures. They work best in offices and can save a lot of energy losses. 

This portable power station is small and lightweight, making it ideal for tossing into a laptop bag. 

10. Video Doorbell 

Small businesses may not be able to afford to be located in a large office building with its own security. This is because of budget constraints. Ring Video Doorbell is a cutting-edge security device that allows you to see who is at the door. 

It also lets you allow or deny access remotely via your phone app. It has a 1080p camera with a motion sensor and night vision to help you identify. It can even record who is attempting to enter your office. The Amazon Ring costs somewhere around $1000. It may be worth every penny for the connectivity and robust support provided by Amazon. 

Bottom Line On The Best Business Gadgets

You're probably thinking that it's time for an office technology upgrade by now! 

Some of these office gadgets save time, while others enhance your cool office vibe. Most importantly, they make your office a little more of a great place to work. Try out our list of the best office gadgets, you won't be disappointed! 

Don't forget to look into the online market.  It has a plethora of branded office gadgets for your employees and customers. As it's full of choices. Whether one is looking for industrial robots for sale or gadgets for your small office, the internet is loaded. The possibilities are truly endless. 

In fact, if you're going to spend money on cool office technology, why not make it memorable for those who will be using it? Enjoy these top office gadgets and electronics today!

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