7 Ways To Start A Career In HR

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Human Relations (HR) is a wonderful field that is about assisting and dealing with the basic day-to-day relations of employees of the company that the HR representative works for. Human Resources can be with hiring, firing, staffing, pay problems, harassment, or many other situations. Their main goal is assistance to the normal employees that aren’t sure what their next step is, nor where and what to do after they’ve made a report. 

However, if you are looking to get a career in HR, it may prove difficult at first, as the hiring process is difficult and you may not have found a job yet through all your applications. Here are some ways to help you break into a career in HR, with proven ways to increase your chances. 

Develop Skills That Are Highly Needed 

Like any job you apply to, HR candidates are expected to have certain skills that will help them excel in their field or even earn them the job over others that don’t have those specific skills. If you are looking to go to work in an HR field, you should invest in learning the skills most HR agents should possess. 

These can be skills in recruiting, staffing, work-related issues, how to solve any problems that may arise, and even try to earn experience in these fields and problems as well. Of course, it would be hard to achieve the true experience, but at least with developing them you’ll be one step of the way. 

Construct Your Resume To Highlight HR Skills 

If you haven’t constructed a resume specifically to highlight how you can be a great HR representative to help your workplace or any future workplace, you should. A generic resume shows where you’ve worked and what tasks you’ve completed before would be easily and quickly overlooked via any hiring managers, as they are looking for specific, highlighted skills. 

If you have experience in recruiting, staffing, dealing with issues and problems within the workplace, or anything in that regard, make sure you list those and highlight them first to show how you shine and are HR material. Don’t just list what you’ve done, but also the impact your actions had on the situation and what you learned. 

Get Involved In HR Tasks And Its Community 

The best way to get more real experience in the HR field would be to get involved with your HR community and see what you can assist them with if that is possible. While this may not be the easiest option, or you may get turned down a few times, it wouldn’t hurt to offer yourself and your assistance to others to show you are interested in the field in the first place. 

And who knows? Maybe if you ask then they can get you to help with some things which allow you to earn the experience which can then be used on your resume or in a talk about how you can or should be able to earn that HR spot you’ve been working for at your current employer. 

Look For Small Ways Into The HR Field  

While you may already have some experience and skills that are required, thus you are heavily looking into many jobs and applying but not getting accepted… maybe it’s because you are looking for all the big ways into the field and not the small ways? While everyone wants to land a big job that has promises to them of great benefits and pay, if you really want to get into HR, you should take any foothold that is offered. 

Imagine this, even if you have a small offer and take it, this would earn you more experience and knowledge, allowing you to develop your skills further so that you can build a better resume and offer a better skill set to a future employer. 

Volunteer To Learn More About HR Tasks 

If you’re having no luck in developing skills, learning about HR, or even finding a job in your HR, maybe you should try volunteering to work at your current employer’s HR department? While it may seem a bit of a hassle, you already have your own job to worry about, and now you are offering your own time or time away from your current task to help and assist in HR. 

It may not be the most appealing step, but if you are serious about getting into HR and there are no other options, volunteering can be extremely helpful to build more experience and skills, plus get an in with your current department which can even switch you to their workplace if they like how you work and require you more often. 

Look For Certifications Or Classes 

If you’re not finding ways to learn or develop the proper skills or many applications are getting shot down for not having proper knowledge or experience in the required skills, and you don’t have time to invest thousands into a degree, certifications might be for you. Many places offer courses on HR-related skills, and can even get you a certification. 

These classes may not be the same as going to a whole college course, or it may even be just the same but a bit cheaper and you’ll have a more personalized experience. With a certification, you can fully back up your knowledge the same way a degree does, stating that you have completed a whole course over the subject. 

Try Jobs That Participate In Recruiting Or Staffing 

Just because you can’t score a job in an HR field, doesn’t mean you can invest in a job that has some HR-related skills to be used, learned, and developed. Many don’t know, but there is an abundance of jobs that can be related to the HR department, and thus can be used when applying to new jobs as relevant HR experience. 

These jobs would include anything that deals with the recruiting, staffing, and problem sector. HR deals with all kinds of things, from hiring, firing, staffing, pay, and many others that are out of normal standard jobs. 

This means that if you are a manager that is dealing with the scheduling of employees, fixing their pay, and handling the hiring and firing process, you would be more likely to learn relevant experience for the HR field. 

Working Your Way Into An HR Career  

Getting into the HR field can be a difficult task for many people, mainly for the lack of proper construction of a resume or they lack the proper certifications and experience that show their relevant skills to get them hired in the first place. 

If you are looking to score a job in HR, try remaking your resume to highlight HR relevant skills, as well as develop skills that are in high demand. If that doesn’t help, try a course and class to gain certifications that will develop you further and earn you a human resources job with proven experience.

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