3 Strategies To Win A Wrongful Termination Lawsuit

strategies win wrongful termination lawsuit

Indeed, losing your job for unfair reasons can be a disappointing ordeal. You’ve worked so hard and for unjust grounds, your employer has terminated your employment easily and quickly. Luckily, if you believe you’ve been wrongfully terminated, you may be entitled to file a wrongful termination lawsuit against your employer. 

But, just like other legal proceedings in court, dealing with an employment-related lawsuit can be a complicated process. With your employer as the defendant, they may do everything they can to refute your claim and get a judgment in their favor. Due to this possibility, it’s important to be one step ahead of them throughout the legal process. 

This recommended reading will give you valuable information which you need if you want to win a wrongful termination lawsuit. Below are the three strategies to consider from the get-go after a wrongful dismissal from work: 

1. Know If You Have A Lawsuit To File 

To better navigate your situation, it can be a good idea to determine if you really have a wrongful termination lawsuit to file against your employer. By doing this, you can make sure you have a valid claim and as a result, increase your chances of winning your case later on. 

Generally, there are various grounds that may constitute wrongful termination against an employee. These wrongful dismissal scenarios can include: 

• Discrimination: You were unlawfully terminated based on your age, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, and many other reasons which are prohibited by law. 

• Violation Of An Agreement: If firing you have resulted in a breach of your employment contract, it can be a ground for wrongful termination. 

• Sexual Harassment: You have a wrongful termination lawsuit if you were filed for refusing to grant any sexual propositions from your supervisor or employer. 

• Retaliation: If you were unlawfully terminated as a result of your employer’s retaliation for participating in an activity that they don’t approve, then a wrongful termination lawsuit may be in order. 

As you can see, there are many grounds for filing a lawsuit against your employer. If one of these grounds happens to you, don’t hesitate to file a case because you may have higher odds of getting a favorable outcome. 

tips to win wrongful termination lawsuit

2. Consult A Lawyer 

Unless you’re an expert in employment and labor law in your state, you may need to consult an experienced lawyer to help you win your wrongful termination lawsuit. Since this kind of lawsuit can become very complicated, the assistance of a legal professional can make the whole process much easier for you. 

Typically, a lawyer who specializes in handling employment and civil rights cases is well-versed with the federal and state laws applicable to your situation. A wrongful dismissal attorney can review the facts of your case and help determine the best courses of action to take to ensure a positive outcome in your favor. 

For example, if you were unjustly terminated due to discrimination, your lawyer can come up with a defense strategy to make sure your case will prosper and your employer will be held liable for the wrongs committed against you. 

3. Collect The Necessary Evidence For Your Lawsuit 

To win a wrongful termination lawsuit, you need to support your claim with valuable pieces of evidence. These can help show that you were a victim of your employer’s unlawful actions. Thus, with the assistance of a reliable lawyer, you should keep a file of supporting documents as soon as you know you were wrongfully fired by your employer. These documents can include: 

• Records of the circumstances of your termination, including the timeline of events, date of the termination notice, written details of your termination, and the names of everyone involved in the process; 

• Employment handbooks, employment contracts, and other related documents; 

• Copy of your personal, including all official communications such as commendations and reprimands and even information about salary raises; 

• Timecards and paystubs; 

• Copies of your performance evaluations; 

• Statements from individuals who previously worked for your employer or your current co-workers; 

• Any previous complaints you filed to your employer for discrimination or harassment. 

With the list of documents mentioned above, it’s important to have them ready. The more evidence you can present in court, the higher your odds of winning your case and get the justice you deserve. Lastly, you can hold your employer liable for all the damages you sustained as a result of wrongful termination. 

The Bottom Line On Wrongful Termination Lawsuits

As an employee, getting fired from your job for unjust causes is never easy. It may be an embarrassing and traumatic event that you may have to deal with throughout your life. Because of this, you may be entitled to a right to pursue a wrongful termination lawsuit against your erring employer. 

But, if you want to ensure a winning outcome for your case, keep the strategies mentioned above in mind and you’re good to go. You deserve justice, compensation, and closure for what you've endured during your wrongful dismissal. Don't skimp on an experienced attorney!

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