Everything Miners Want To Know About Electricity

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Chips are the lifeblood of mining machines, and electricity is the lifeblood of miners. Stable and cheap electricity prices determine the income of miners. So how much do you know about the important issues of mining and electricity that miners are concerned about? 

1. What Impact Does The National Carbon Neutral Strategy Have On Thermal Power Mining? 

Power cuts are a matter of time. Energy structure adjustment and optimization, coal consumption with high carbon emissions is also the first to bear the brunt, and coal mining and consumption indicator control will inevitably raise the power generation cost of thermal power plants and reduce the growth rate of thermal power generation. In the case of power consumption growth, it will intensify participation in multilateral transactions. It is difficult for thermal power mines to purchase electricity, which drives up the electricity purchase price. 

Mr. Yang Maohua, a Chinese electric power professional, believes that the impact of the carbon-neutral strategy on thermal power mining is obvious, and the negative impact will even intensify after the gradual implementation of the policy. He believes that whether investing or doing business, it is necessary to follow the trend, so it is recommended that the existing thermal power mines complete the procedures for electricity and energy use as soon as possible. As for friends of miners, when choosing a managed mine, it is recommended to choose a compliant mine with complete procedures such as project registration, environmental assessment, energy assessment, safety assessment, and fire protection. This can reduce the risk of power curtailment and load reduction. Changing mines is very troublesome. 

2. What Are Some Excellent Suggestions For New Miners? 

The development process of the mining industry can be briefly summarized as savage growth, mixed fish and dragons, survival in the cracks, and polarization. However, based on long-term study and research in the industry, in-depth analysis of national and industrial policies, and even pre-research and prediction, Mr. Yang believes that the development trend of mining must be on the development path of standardization, compliance, and sunshine. 

As large domestic and foreign institutions, even state-owned enterprises, and government-backed institutions have become more and more recognized for mining, more and more involved, and more and more invested. It is difficult to obtain an advantageous price in terms of purchasing mining machines, investing in mining farms, and mining machine hosting with small amounts of funds, and even without the opportunity to participate; those with insufficient professionalism are stepping on pits and cutting leeks everywhere, even including some significant funds. 

From the PowerPoint of view, Mr. Yang still suggests investing in mining farms to follow the trend and try to choose safe and compliant projects; from the perspective of trusteeship, it is recommended to choose compliant, high-standard, convenient, and reliable projects. Mines don’t care about the difference of one or two cents, save a few more days on the way, save a few days of power outages during operation, and make up for the more. 

3. From The Perspective Of Electricity, What Do You Think About Miners Going To Sea, Especially In The United States? 

First of all, from a global perspective, the price of electricity on the Chinese user side is equivalent to 60% of the global average price; second, from the perspective of different power generation types, the power generation cost of clean energy such as hydropower, wind power, and solar power is the lowest. The marginal cost is close to zero. The cost of thermal power and gas-fired power generation depends on the local fuel price. There are differences in electricity prices in different countries, regions, types of electricity, and periods. 

The wholesale price of the US power system is based on the highest quotation for real- time power generation demand to determine the real-time electricity price, and the price fluctuates wildly. Wind and solar are indeed cheap in the United States, but most of the time, wind power and solar power alone are not enough. Generally, in this case, nuclear power, coal power and natural gas power are added. In 80-90% of cases, the marginal electricity price in the United States is determined by the price of natural gas, and the cost of natural gas for every kilowatt-hour of electricity is almost 2.5 cents. 

Some say that electricity prices are low overseas, Most of them only calculate the price of power generation or even the cost of fuel, not even the cost of power plant construction and depreciation, no transmission and distribution prices, government funds and taxes, etc., or self-built like China’s direct power supply mines. Power supply facilities and electricity are at risk of instability, and electricity safety risks are high. 

Finally, Mr. Yang gives a few suggestions to bosses and friends: Find professional institutions and reliable people to cooperate when investing or custody; being a friend of time, sustained and stable profitability is better than getting rich overnight; doing the right thing is better than doing it. It is more important to do things right; choose the investment project or product that suits you according to your risk tolerance.

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