Event Theming: 3 Ice Luge Ideas You Can Perfectly Pull Off

event theming ice luge ideas

Parties are fun, but coming up with unique themes for a killer party can be daunting to many. The good thing is that you can always add an amusement factor to your party in the form of an ice luge. 

Party lovers these days love to take shots out of ice sculptures, be it in cocktail parties, banquets, weddings, birthdays, or corporate events, etc. thanks to our affordable ice luge kit, you now can inject a luxurious and exotic element into your party without breaking the bank. 

The kit will serve you well as a trendy centerpiece to complement your theme, or as the focal point attraction that sets the mood for the party. 

Are you looking for new theming ideas for your party? Here are 3 ideas that you can cap with custom ice luges to stun your guests: 

1. The RMS Titanic Party Theme 

If you are thrilled by the RMS Titanic sinking story- or the 1997 movie, why not throw a titanic party for your birthday or anniversary? Some helpful ideas for bringing this idea to life include displaying pictures of icebergs and choppy seas, guests wearing attires suited the to early 1900s, and playing the soundtrack “My Heart Will Go On” by CĂ©line Dion. Foods and drinks for this party also need to be Titanic-themed. And then to make the party a grand and opulent affair, bring in the ice in form of a Titanic-shaped vodka ice luge. 

2. Martini Glass Ice Luge For A Cocktail Party 

Cocktail parties are largely informal and lighthearted. They are perfect for laid-back, fun, and cheerful family gatherings or social neighborhood gatherings. Of course, you have to set the theme around alcohol, notably champagne cocktails, margaritas, red wine, and vodka martinis. A few pricey signature drinks such as white wine, gin, scotch, tequila, and rum are also great for spicing up the party. 

Most importantly, the bar has to be your party’s main focal point, and that is where the ice luge comes in. Martini glass ice luges are timeless- never goes out of fashion. Bringing one of those to your cocktail party is a great ambiance boost. Your guests will love the elite experience of drinking martini from a martini glass luge and the aesthetic appeal that the luge injects into the party. Set up the bar in a dim, warmly lit room and choose a warm cocktail of music genres to complete the elite ambiance. 

3. Colorful Ice Luge For A '70s Disco-Themed Party 

You don’t have to have lived through the 70s to know how big a deal disco was back then, and how timeless and lively it is to date. Acquire a disco ball and effortlessly add extra pizzazz to your birthday party or wedding reception. Your guests will love dancing the night away, dressed in clothes and jewelry suited for the 70s. As for the bar, bring in an ice luge kit that’s decorated with colored lights. Luges with colored lighting create an ostentatious centerpiece for any kind of party, complementing the colorful disco lighting. 

Are you ready to party in Westchester, Upper Manhattan, or Connecticut? Order our 36-pound ice luge kit today at only $150 and we will deliver it to your door at a reasonable extra fee. The luge is 18 inches by 17.5 inches by 5 inches. 

With controlled heat and airflow, each luge can last for more than 3 hours. The kit comes with cotton gloves so that you don’t freeze your hands off when moving it. What’s more, we will set it all up for you or if you want to do it yourself, there is a free and beginner-friendly setup guide for you. Let’s get partying!

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