4 Interview Tips For Shy People

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You have successfully landed a job interview at the company of your dreams. It is a managerial position in finance for a business firm that’s been at the top of your preferred places to work since high school. You are qualified, have more than enough experience, and it is safe to say that you are a perfect candidate. 

But there is one problem. You have a deep fear of public speaking. The mere idea of sitting across from a team of people — let alone potential employers that you want to impress — makes your heart beat faster and your palms sweaty. You are not alone — over 75% of people claim to experience similar fearful feelings when it comes to public speaking. 

You might also have social anxiety or just be an introverted personality as well. There is certainly nothing wrong with introversion, social anxiety, or fear of public speaking. But regardless, it can make a job interview or multiple interviews seem daunting.

Luckily, you can do things that will help you relax and exude confidence during the job interview. Read on to discover 4 interview tips that are sure to make you a star candidate despite some interviewee anxiety. 

1. Give Yourself Time To Prepare 

The more time you spend researching the company and creating potential interview questions, the better it will be for your nerves and confidence. You want to know the organization and job description inside and out. Read through the company's website and pay attention to pertinent aspects such as the mandate, mission, and values. 

Take a look at current and past projects to get a sense of their style. Pay attention to anything extra that interests you, such as their social engagement practices and what initiatives they have taken to help improve the community. 

Search online for industry-specific interview questions and sit with them — you want to come up with the very best answers that genuinely represent who you are as a professional worker and a human being. 

2. Practice 

Once you understand what the company's all about and what questions you think will be thrown your way, the next step is to practice, practice, practice. Write out your answers and repeat them until you memorize them. Sit in front of the mirror and conduct a mock interview with yourself. Ask friends or family members to assist you. Repeat your questions so much that you start to get bored! 

3. Breathing Exercises 

Some good old-fashioned breathing exercises are sure to calm you down before the big day. Consider looking up meditation YouTube videos, and take big, long breaths before you entire the interview room. You can do this. Remember to treat it like a conversation, not an interrogation. Pretend you're sitting with them in a coffee shop — you're just as interested in getting to know them as they are you! 

4. Work With A Pro 

To get exclusive tips on how to nail that interview, work with a leading executive search and recruitment firm that will give you insider tips on how to wow people, even when you’re nervous. A recruiter will also match you with the ideal company that suits your background and needs and find open positions that aren't publicly advertised. You could avoid the hassle of the job search and work with a professional to get you a killer job. 

Introverts Can Interview With Inner Peace

There's no denying that job interviews can be nerve-wracking, but with a bit of work and professional help, you'll be taking charge of the conversation in no time. Now start preparing for your next interview, even if you are introverted!

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