How To Make Your Sticker Marketing Campaign Stand Out

how to make sticker marketing campaign stand out

Have you been reading about sticker marketing, but are unsure how to make it work for your business? Are you already using stickers but want to make sure your marketing efforts are acknowledged by your customers? 

Look no further, we are here to help you create a stand-out marketing campaign using custom stickers. We will give you some ideas you can implement immediately to kickstart your sticker journey and hit your growth targets. So let’s jump right in to sticker marketing strategies. 

1. Effect Material 

Choose the perfect material for your campaign. Most sticker printers offer great effect materials, ranging from glitter and holographic to metallic and transparent vinyl. It is not only the material that can help you stand out; it also allows you to create amazing colour effects. 

Printing a colour over holographic material creates a metallic effect, whereas a transparent sticker can generate a stained-glass look. This effect can be controlled by printing white behind colours. Through this, you can choose which parts of your design you would like to have an effect, and which you would like to appear opaque. That way you can decide which part of your sticker you would like to highlight. 

Effect materials are the perfect choice for a premium product or a limited edition range, as they immediately elevate your entire brand. Just look at the great example below. There is no way this sticker will go unnoticed. 

sticker marketing print branding

2. Giveaways 

If you want to make sure your stickers are seen by your customers, add them to every order or purchase. Stickers are so low-cost that this should be a no-brainer. 

Given in the right moment, stickers are not perceived as advertising, but are instead considered a gift. This impression evokes the role of reciprocity, a concept used in social psychology: subconsciously the receiver will feel the need to return the favour. This can take the shape of a purchase, a recommendation or even a social media post. 

This process links positive associations to your brand which will increase the likelihood of your customers using your stickers. To give them the best possible experience, we recommend handing out vinyl stickers. They are perfect for thousands of applications. 

Your stickers on a loyal customer’s laptop can be incredibly effective. Using custom stickers, you can turn your existing customer base into brand ambassadors. 

laptop sticker marketing brand ambassadors

3. Guerrilla Tactics 

You might have come over the term guerrilla in a very different setting: warfare. Guerrilla describes a type of war in which small groups have an advantage over the traditional military. These advantages include: speed, surprise and adaptability. 

In marketing, guerrilla refers to unconventional advertising strategies that do not depend on financial means but energy, creativity and time. Guerrilla marketing campaigns focus on catching customers off-guard, having them interact with your brand and igniting an emotion within the customer. Through this, the brand experience will be remembered. 

There are no limits to guerrilla marketing, and a Google search will surely inspire you. However, using stickers is one of the easiest and quickest ways to achieve this effect. 

Beer giant Guinness uses a small sticker to create exactly this customer interaction. Playing pool, customers are already likely to be in an environment where this product is available. All they need is a nudge to speed up their purchase decision. Through a tiny sticker, Guinness enters the customer’s mind at exactly the right moment. 

guinness pool cue stickers marketing

Sticker Marketing Campaign Conclusion

We hope these tips made sticker marketing more tangible for you and gave you hands-on advice. No matter if you are completely new to stickers, or you are already a sticker marketing expert, we would love to hear from you. Please feel free to ask any questions or share your ideas on social media, so share this article with your thoughts right now!

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