How To Go Solar In 5 Easy Steps

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Solar panels are becoming more and more popular in the age of sustainability and increased energy prices. Homeowners strive to provide themselves with electricity, saving on utility bills. With the help of Innovate Solar, going solar will be much easier. Contact your local energy company to find out how to install and use solar panels. 

What are the advantages of going solar? There are many benefits to using solar energy. Before you mount batteries for your home or business property, learn more about these solar panel solutions: 

5 Big Benefits Of Solar Panels

1. Energy-Saving 

Electricity consumption from the network will be reduced, which, in turn, will reduce utility bills. If your solar panels generate enough electrical energy, the power company is legally required to buy electricity from you!

2. Energy Independence 

In case of short power cutoffs during the day, you will still have electricity. Installation of additional generators will make it possible to use electricity at night. 

3. Governmental Support 

Various benefits and subsidies are offered to customers using solar power systems. You can enjoy a nice tax credit on your next year's return with state and federal benefits, and if you are a business you could also write off the solar panels as an expense to lower taxes as well.

4. Reducing Environmental Pollution 

Less carbon and other harmful elements are emitted into the atmosphere. Sustainability is more important each year and every little bit helps the environment!

5. Long Service Life 

Solar panels require minimal maintenance and work properly for 20 years. You will be able to reduce your costs and enjoy the continuous operation of electrical appliances and other equipment for a long time. 

Stages Of Getting Solar Power For Your Home 

Providing your home with electricity using solar panels is carried out in several stages. They require a minimum amount of time for most properties. After that, you will be able to use renewable solar energy without the need to save on electricity. 

5 Simple Steps To Start Utilizing Solar Panel Power

1. Find A Good Solar Installer 

Before installing solar panels, find a suitable company. Ask for advice from those people who are already using solar energy. There are also many Internet resources with reviews of popular companies that install such systems. 

After you select a suitable installer company, it will be able to assess the parameters of your house. The specialist will inspect the roof, pay attention to the material it was made of, its age, and other parameters. These indicators are required for design and further solar panel installation. 

2. Get The Cost Estimate 

After the assessment, the specialist will indicate the approximate cost of installing the system. There are also several options for solar panels installation, namely buying solar panels, renting them, or borrowing. Each of them has its own advantages for homeowners or property owners. Consulting the company will help you determine an optimal payment option. You can choose the best installation method or take part in government programs. 

3. Work On The Design 

The final step before starting the work is choosing the right system and equipment. The calculation of the annual electricity consumption is made. Based on it, it is much easier to determine what equipment will produce the required amount. Experts analyze financial indicators for several decades. This will help you know how quickly your home solar panels will pay off. The installed systems show high performance, so the investment in this method of getting electricity is really profitable. 

4. Permitting And Pre-Installation Preparation 

Solar installation works are conducted on a plug-and-produce basis. Specialists start with drawing up diagrams and preparing documentation, obtaining an installation permit, and selecting suitable devices. Battery performance checks are scheduled, and the installation and connection of the system to the existing one is being optimized. 

5. Install And Activate The Solar System 

If you have any questions regarding the installation of a new system, contact the company’s managers. They will help you solve any problems and choose a suitable start date. The experts will start by installing the mounts, the inverter, and the system itself. You will find out where the wires will go so that they don’t interfere with work and leisure in your house. It takes several days to install everything. After installation of the equipment, the system will be thoroughly checked before you can start using solar energy. 

If all parts are working properly, the solar panels will be connected to the mains and specialists can install meters. The power supply companies complete the installation over several weeks. When all the preliminary steps have been completed, you can start using the new system. 

Summing Up Solar Solutions

How to go solar at no extra cost? Innovate Solar offers modern solutions, study them at You will forever forget about turning off the lights and will notice a decrease in utility bills. Solar panels help you stabilize the electricity flow and the proper operation of electrical appliances in the house at any time of the day.

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