Cleaning Your Furnace In 7 Steps

steps cleaning furnace maintenance

When it comes to heating systems, early detection is key. A dirty system will only make your furnace work harder and use more fuel. Clean your furnace regularly to increase the efficiency and lifespan of it. A poorly maintained system will be more expensive on fuel consumption, leading you to spend less in the long run. 

The Benefits Of Cleaning Your Furnace 

Furnace cleaning is a must if you want to keep your home heated. Dust and debris inside the blower compartment can cause safety issues for you and your family so make sure they are always in tip-top shape by wiping them away as soon as possible. 

Cleaning your furnace before the heating season is a smart way to prepare for winter. It can also save you money by keeping it running efficiently and getting rid of hazards like dust, dirt, oil spills or bird droppings that could start fires in an unattended space! 

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If you are going to clean your furnace DIY, here are the steps. 

Shut Down The System 

To make sure his furnace is operating properly, you should always switch off the power and fuel supply before cleaning. There are two ways to turn off both of these: either through a switch on the top of stairs leading down into your cellar or near where you can find a burner in your basement. Take note of their location so that if there is ever an emergency like leaking gas pipes or oil tanks catching fire, it will be easier for you to fix! 

Clean The Combustion Chamber 

Scrape out the carbon buildup with a small brush and then clean it up even more using an industrial vacuum. Inspect for corrosion before replacing the cover, but only if there is no soot build-up on that wall of the combustion chamber. 

Inspect The Flue Pipe 

You should check for any holes in the exhaust flue that could leak carbon monoxide and replace corroded parts. It also might be beneficial to adjust the barometric damper of a chimney to make it more efficient, by making sure not too much air is being drawn out all at once from an old house which would compromise efficiency with one's service pro managing this as well. 

Replace The Oil Filter 

The task of changing the oil filter is quite simple. First close off the flow of engine oil, then remove and replace an old dirty filter with a new one. 

Change The Air Filter 

During the winter, all of your family's air is filtered through this one. It can't be changed too often but never let it go for more than a year. Changing the filter isn't something that any homeowner has to worry about as long as they know how easy and quick changing them correctly is. However, you can buy Nordyne Furnace parts, and change the air filter easily. 

If there are signs of wear on belts or tensioners which may cause some parts in your HVAC system from not working properly anymore, then do adjust anything by sliding backward slightly so everything is functioning efficiently again! 

Adjust the Burner And Testing Efficiency 

Set up a combustion analyzer, which calculates furnace efficiency by measuring gasses in the exhaust flue. Make sure that the burner's air gates are adjusted for optimum fuel to air ratio. 

You want your fuel before it goes up into the chimney. 

You should also replace an oil nozzle and check if flames of gas are burning stable or not at all with vacuum cleaner tubes attached to them when they need cleaning most. '

Clean Floor Vents 

Fall is a great time to clean out your ducts and floor registers. Dust, pet hair, toys and food can build up in these areas which dampers the efficiency of heating systems due to less air flow , requiring you crank up the heat higher than necessary for comfort.

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