Can I Use Someone Else's CNC Machine To Finish An 80% Lower?

using someone else's cnc machine finish 80% lower gun creation firearm building

With the increasing number of home-based gunsmiths, it might as well excite you to showcase your talent and passion for building some graceful firearms, doesn't it? At home, gunsmithing is all about some 80% lower receivers and some jigs put into work together to bring about unique weapons the way you like. 

If you are passionate enough and ready to put your blood and sweat into this, nothing can stop you. However, the most important thing that you need to know about before you begin is the legalities of gunsmithing. One must know the legal usage of machinery and equipment for the process. 

Here are some important legal concerns for the process of finishing an 80 lower into an AR upper already built. 

Using Someone Else's CNC Machine 

This question frequently comes from the gunsmiths who lack adequate equipment and cannot afford to purchase their own. A lot of confusion arises because different people have different things to say about this matter, which keeps so many individuals from working in their 80 lowers. To ease the confusion that has been made, the answer is no. You cannot use someone else's CNC machine to work on your 80% lower

Through some sources, it has been made illegal for an individual to transform their 80 lower by utilizing someone else machinery, be it at your place or the other individual's place. In much simpler words, this means that one must own his equipment to finish an 80 lower successfully to avoid any sorts of illegal actions being taken on them. 


According to firearm legislation, it is okay for a person to keep an 80 lower without a serial number on it. The need for a serial number arises when that 80 lower has been drilled and milled out into a fully operational firearm. It must possess a serial number to be legalized. 

Using Another Individual's Machinery 

Apart from using another individual's CNC machinery, if an individual goes to a shop that lends you 80 lower machinery and rents that machinery to work on their 80 lower, it is entirely the responsibility of that shop owner to issue a serial number to the lower that was worked on and also to get the built firearm legalized by the federal government by presenting a complete and accurate record of the manufacture. 

Complete Record 

It is also necessary for the shop owner to present a complete record of the individual that received the weapons and make sure they possess an FFL. In addition to this, the shop will now have to pay a handsome amount to get legalized on a state level for allowing the manufacturing of weapons on their machinery. These are the clear reasons that make it a better option to own your machinery for your 80 lowers. 

CNC Conclusion 

If you use someone else's CNC machinery; not only you but they will also have to face some major legal consequences, which can cost them and you a lot. Firearms are to be handled very carefully, starting from the manufacturing stage to when they are in use. A little inconvenience can cause great trouble for you at the government and law enforcement level.

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