What Is Webcasting, And How Could It Benefit Your Company's Operations?

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Yes, what is webcasting? Techopedia describes “webcasting” as “a general term in IT that refers to broadcasting or presenting over the Internet.” Over time, webcasting has become an increasingly practical way to hold audiovisual (AV) presentations, due to increased IP speeds and more efficient AV technologies. 

However, if you were about to prepare, say, a product launch event or conference, you might be wondering why you should consider delivering it via webcasting rather than the traditional, in-person way. Well, here are just some of the most compelling incentives to go down the webcasting route. 

Webcasting can significantly broaden your event’s reach As a “webcast” – to use one term for an online-delivered event – would not require physical attendance, you can enable people from various places around the world to easily watch the event and even – as a LinkedIn article suggests – participate in it, should its purpose permit. 

The event’s attendance capacity becomes less of an issue, too – as a webcast can potentially be transmitted to as many as thousands and even tens of thousands of people concurrently. 

With Webcasting, It’s Easier To Engage Audiences 

A webcast can – in terms of its content – be very similar to an in-person event, complete with the likes of live Q&A sessions and visual presentations. 

However, as a webcast is ultimately a virtual event, it can be more easily used to monitor the engagement rate via analytics. With the right live webcast platform, you could even use these analytics to discern how and where to improve your event to foster stronger engagement. 

You Can Save Money On An Event By Webcasting It 

This is for various reasons. One, your employees wouldn’t have to miss some work time – and thus money – to attend the event, as these people could take part wherever they happen to physically be. 

Two, you wouldn’t have to incur many of the financial expenses that could easily apply with a more traditional event; think such expenses as refreshments, advertising and marketing materials, not to mention renting a venue or room. 

Webcasting Is An Eco-Friendly Option 

By letting employees stream the event rather than have them travel to attend it in person, you can help them – and thus your company as a whole – to reduce carbon emissions. 

Of course, if the event will be open to people outside the company, such as customers or clients, they could also easily appreciate not having to drive or catch a plane just to participate. 

Webcasting Would Be An Effective Way To Broadcast Within Your Company 

Up to now, you might have primarily pictured using webcasting to hold such public-facing events as product launches. However, webcasting can work brilliantly even if you don’t intend to broadcast to anyone outside your company. 

As an IR Magazine article explains, webcasting “has proven to be a useful tool for strategic updates, town halls, and broadcasting to large international workforces.” You could opt to broadcast the event only via the webcast or have at least some attendees in the room where and when the event takes place.

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